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Under The Dome -- There's A Hole In The Ground Way Down Down Down!

Updated on August 18, 2014

A deep dark hole in the ground

I used to hear that song when I was a kid and that's what I kept thinking about when they action focused on the mysterious hole in the ground that didn't exist prior to the Dome coming down.

When Junior refuses to believe Uncle Sam I Am killed Angie Baby, Barbie resolves to go down into the hole in the ground that goes way way down and retrieve Sam I Am's body so he can basically rub Junior's face into it like a puppy that messed on the rug and say, "See, Junior, see! There's the scratch marks. Uncle Sam I Am killed Angie Baby and there's the proof."

Only things start going wrong when Barbie feels he's being pulled by some invisible force down in the darkness of the hole that goes way way down and Julia whose brain seems to be running on empty decides to play tug-of-war with the invisible force. To save the dumb redhead, Barbie cuts the rope and lets what ever is down in the hole that goes way way down have him as Julia screams, "Baaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr-bbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee! Nooooooooooooooooooo!" No doubt thinking, "Oh, gee, no more sex for me!"

Okay, just how dumb is this. Sam I Am jumped and you didn't hear him land. So you decide to go down in the hole in the ground that goes way way down and may be some kind of bottomless pit. Yeah, the people in this town are low on morality and brains.

Big Julia is worried what Big Jim will do once her learns Barbie is a goner, and Rebecca vows she won't tell. Of course that vows lasts a long time when Big Jim gets all Big Jim all over her and scares the crap out of her. Not only does she spill the beans I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't spill her bladder, as well.

While Big Jim is eulogizing Barbie, Barbie finds himself back in his home town of Zenith. Only it's not a happy homecoming. Some thug buddies of Barbie catch up with him and it isn't a happy reunion. Then Barbie goes on some B&E job that happens to be his Big Daddy's spread to take care of the two thugs who have attached him to his hip. Barbie wants Big Daddy Barbie to help him get back inside the Dome.

Okay, the military can't get into the Dome, but Barbie thinks his daddy can get him back inside? Does that mean little Dale Barbie knows a lot more about this Dome than he's been saying? And will this cause problems with Julia should she find out?

Probably not. Once you justify your bed mate killing your husband as my husband wanted to die so you did him a big favor, pretty much nothing after that is going to much matter. Yes, she did get her nose out of joint because Barbie was picking Rebecca's mindset over being a Dome Head like her, but once he explained things to her and came back to heel at her side, she even rewarded him by making him sheriff.

Meanwhile Sam I Am is also roaming around Zenith looking for his sister, only he's not being harassed by thugs like Barbie is. He finds his sister in the local mental hospital. I wasn't sure if she was a mental patient or an art teacher. She may be both. She reveals Lyle is there but he's gone totally mental and more of a babbling idiot than when he was back in Chester's Mills under the Dome.

Sam I Am reveals that Melanie is alive, but he doesn't reveal he whacked her son's teenage girlfriend or that he also came pretty close to whacking her son, as well. Meanwhile Pauline has another painting of this door that apparently leads back to the Dome. Coincidentally, Big Daddy Barbie takes Barbie past that door as he agrees to help Barbie get back into the Dome.

Meanwhile, Joe relieves Big Julia's achy breaky heart when he reveals that Barbie may not be dead, after all. He sends some kind of camera do-hickey down in the hole in the ground way down down down and before it apparently gets sucked into the Zenith Vortex he sees a flash of Zenith. So he declares that may be the way out of the Dome and that's where Barbie may be.

I have to say that I'm getting to the point where I don't think anything is going to be able to be explained. Like how Pauline can paint all these psychic Dome paintings. Wasn't it Melanie who touched the egg. So shouldn't she be the one who is the psychic Dome painter to the pink stars? Of course she was dead, so she could hardly have painted any pictures.

And the Big Daddy Barbie twist of being able to get Barbie back into the Dome seems to hint he may be behind the Dome. I mean, if you know how to do what no one else on the planet knows how to do, then odds are you're responsible for it. However, if that's the case then what's been the big deal about these four hands tripe and the Dome taking on appearances of the dead to communicate with the Domeites like Big Jim and Norrie? And what about this whole egg thing and someone whose been dead for almost three decades coming back from the dead? What? Are Big Daddy Barbie and Barbie aliens from another planet or something?

In short, this show is definitely a deserving candidate for a list of shows that have Jumped The Shark. I mean, there's so many Jumped The Shark moments, I can't pinpoint the exact moment it actually Jumped The Shark.

I'd also advise them to stop the opening about it only being 2 weeks since the Dome came down, cause it makes all the stuff going on inside absolutely ridiculous. In two weeks all the food has run-out to the point the local science teacher is trying to genocide half the town? Not to mention how fast she was able to grow her deadly Swine Flu virus. And that's only two incidents of a long list of unbelievable incidents taking place in the time frame they're framing them in.


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