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Under The Dome -- There's A Psycho Running Loose...

Updated on September 24, 2014

And his name is Big Jim

I wonder if Dean Norris has refused to sign for another season, because after what Big Jim did in the finale there seems to be no going back for this character. The character seems to be just another Lester Coggins or Lyle now. Now that he's gone after the sainted red headed stick creature, there just seems no possible story lines for him, The man is a cold-blooded murderer twice over and unlike with Dodie, everyone knows he did the crime, this time.

With the introduction of Big Bad Daddy Barbie, Big Jim seems to have been replaced in the powerful villain department. The show seems to want to make the Glorified Thug and his bed mattress to be the two big stars of the show. They've given Bore-bie a sister and now a villainous daddy. It just seems there's no place for Big Jim Rennie in this brave new Bore-bie world.

It seems the Dome hasn't stopped shrinking, after all, and everyone was getting close to being squashed like a bunch of bugs. Meanwhile Bozo Joe, Nasty Norrie and Hunter went down to explore the crater that Dead Lake Chick vanished into. When Bozo Joe saw a bunch of butterflies he became convinced that it was the way out. So he rushed back to tell his idol Bore-bie, and a mass exodus from the Dome was planned.

Meanwhile, Pauline was still alive, but Sam I Am said the only way to save her was to open her up and he didn't have the knowledge to do that. That's what happens when the Dome whacks the only qualified medical doctor in town. Pauline was ready to go to that great artist's studio in the sky and got Genocide Queen Rebecca to help her on her way by giving her an overdose of morphine.

It seems Genocide Queen's brain cells started seeping out of her head before Big Jim made a hole in the side of her skull with a hammer, cause after she did the deed there she is standing with the murder weapon in her hand so everyone can figure out just what she did. And in no time at all Big Jim is picking up a hammer and swinging it at the side of her head.

I was actually sorry to see Rebecca go. She was actually one of the few actually useful characters Under The Dome. She came up with answers to problems and helped avert a few disasters. But as is this idiot show's want to do, they whack off the useful characters and keep around the useless ones to suck up all the oxygen and take up airtime. They did the same with Norrie's mother who was a doctor. Better watch out, Sam I Am. You're the last remaining useful character. Your days may be numbered, especially since you whacked the fan boy viewers favorite subject of their wet dreams, Angie Baby. They still want you dead and their blow-up doll alive, again.

Before Pauline crossed over she told the grand and glorious Monarch Julia another would help her to lead. I thought maybe she meant Junior, but no, it was the Glorified Thug who was the new anointed one. Why am I not surprised?

Anyway, after Pauline bites it, whatever small grip Big Jim had on his sanity is gone with the wind. He gives the Dome an ultimatum. Bring back his Pauline or he'll kill the Dome's precious ones starting with the red-headed monarch skank. Big Jim gets the same response from the Dome as the grand and glorious monarch did when she offered herself up if the Dome would know...killing people.

So Big Jim uses the old blonde hoarder chick lady whose name escapes me to lure Julia into his trap. Then he pops old blonde hoarder chick lady in the head with a bullet and goes in for the kill on the grand and glorious monarch. Of course, you know nothing is going to happen to the red-haired stick creature as she escapes down the hole in the ground and Junior shoots his daddy before jumping down the hole right on Julia's heels. Big Jim it seems will finally have Chester's Mill all to himself before he's squashed like a bug as the hole in the ground starts covering up. Seems the Dome don't want Big Jim going down that hole.

It also seems the Dome doesn't want Julia and Junior to escape with the others as it opens a big hole in the hole in the ground so they're trapped in the underground caverns and are unable to join the others. Of course, before Bore-bie abandons his beloved red head, the worst couple in the history of TV has to have what this show believes is some big romantic goodbye with each other. Then Bore-bie goes off to play Moses and part the Red Sea.

The Chester's Mill escapees look like they've come to the end of the road and are trapped by a rock wall when it falls away to reveal Dead Lake Chick bathed in a celestial light telling them she's come to lead them home. You didn't really think we were really rid of her, either, did you? And that was how the show faded to black for the season.

Once again this show has worn me down and I'm glad that was the last show of the season. I'd probably break into a happy dance if it was the last episode ever, but I doubt I could be that lucky. Barring death or something better to watch next summer, I'll probably subject myself to this living nightmare of a show for another season.

One last note, when Big Jim set Pauline's art studio on fire I thought, foolishly, that maybe the show might actually use something that happened in the book in this show. Like the fire that engulfs Chester's Mill and sucks all the oxygen out of the Dome and everyone would be in imminent danger of suffocating. But it was just a one-off scene.

By the way, when Norrie was telling Bozo Joe about how she popped some girl in the face for making fun of her hair, was I the only one that thought the show might pay homage to all the online viewers making fun of her big head and say she popped the girl in the face because she was teasing her about having a big forehead?

Well I will say one thing for the show, they've given a whole new meaning to the show's title. Now that most of the population of Chester's Mill is under the ground, they are literally Under The Dome.

Until next year. Now it's back to our regular fall shows who could never be as bad as this show is.


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