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Under The Dome -- Visitor's Day

Updated on July 23, 2013

They really shouldn't have messed with the characters

Don't get me wrong. I really like this show and look forward to it being on every Monday, but I had a lot of problems with the current episode. One of my biggest pet peeves about writing is when a writer is inconsistent when he's laid down the rule of something, and in this episode the writers violated a lot of their rules for a lot of different reasons.

One was for product placement apparently. Duke's chest blew-up because he got near the dome and he had a pacemaker. Big Jim whacked the Rev because of his cochlear implant. Big Jim even took off his watch before going near the dome and touching it, because he watch has a battery in it. But there's Rusty using his Window's Tablet to write notes to Linda, there even touching the dome and kissing the dome and nothing happens to Rusty or his Windows Tablet. Product placement is all well and good but when you have to sacrifice credibility for it you should just say no.

The other reason is for a corny teen love moment. For several episodes a big thing was made that if Joe and Norrie touched they had a seizure. But that was no problem when the two teens locked lips as the military fired a bomb at the dome.

They also made a mistake changing so many characters from the book. The worst is probably Barbie. In the book, Barbie was interesting and he had an interesting back history with Junior that built on their animosity to each other. In the series this character is a mess. He's an enforcer for loan shark and killed and buried Julia's husband. He also was pushing around Phil when he was sick. His back story this week was boring, dull and uninteresting, as is the character ultimately. I actually like Junior better than Barbie. Junior at least has the way Big Jim bullies him as some kind of an excuse for his behavior, but Dale "Friendly Fire" Barbie doesn't really have any good excuse for roughing up sick people and being a thug who breaks peoples legs if they don't pay up.

Another character that doesn't fit in is the Carolyn character. She just sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't mesh at all with the other characters. For some reason, two females involved in a same sex relationship has become the new thing a show must have. I could see making two female heterosexual characters from the book gay if it served some kind of purpose, but it doesn't. It seems it's just the politically correct thing to do and it serves no purpose to the overall story.

I'm also getting a little tired of Julia the voice of Chester's Mill radio. Are you telling me Phil couldn't just as easily make all the little bad news broadcasts she does. What happened to her owning a paper or did they also change that from the book, as well.

Anyway, the military decided to stop ignoring the residents of Chester's Mill and shipped in all their families. Only it was quickly discovered that the family visits were akin to a condemned prisoner getting a last meal before they were executed. The Rev was picking something up off of his cochlear implant and he thought it was the voice of God. What it really was was a military broadcast and them using the acronym MOAB which translated into mother of all bombs and they intended to aim it right at the dome, killing everyone inside.

Big Jim had other things on his mind. Mainly what to do with the problem of Angie and the Rev. Lester gave Big Jim a deadline to confess to the town his sins of manufacturing drugs. Meanwhile, Big Jim was refusing to believe that Junior was keeping Angie a prisoner. But when Big Jim caught Junior trying to go down to his shelter, he knew it was true. He ultimately decided on two different fates for his two different problems. He granted Angie mercy and let her go to enjoy what time she had left before they all died. Lester wasn't so lucky, as Big Jim met him by the dome and held his head to the side of it so his cochlear implant would kill him the same way Duke's pacemaker had killed Duke.

Junior didn't take it well when Big Jim told him he let Angie go. He ran off after Angie and was waiting for her with a gun when she returned to her home looking for Joe. He played Julia's doom radio broadcast and told Angie he was only trying to cure her from what the dome was doing to her. She actually sat next to him on the bed and held his head in her lap.

Norrie and her two moms got an unpleasant surprise when Norrie's father showed up to visit her. Seems the moms lied that Norrie's father was an unnamed sperm donor. In reality, bio dad and Alice seemed to have had some kind of relationship and he had the photos to prove it. Norrie ran off and Joe ran after her. Then Joe was suddenly worried about Angie and was running around town as the military was preparing to fire on the dome looking for her. Maybe I missed it, but I don't think Joe's parents came to visit him. Kind of explains why Joe wasn't that worried about Angie. Must run in the family.

Anyway, Joe and Norrie decide to share a kiss as the military fires on the dome. Not only doesn't it cause them to have a seizure, the bomb destroys everything outside of the dome, but inside everything is A OK.

This was not a very good episode. You could probably make a top ten list of ridiculous moments.

10. Rusty standing next to the dome with his Window's Tablet.

9. Linda telling no one to touch the dome, then everyone watching her as she goes over and gropes the dome.

8. Rusty and Linda on the cover of People.

7. Joe's parents not showing up to visit him.

6. Julia's sister-in-law with the letter from Peter that basically makes Julia think Peter ran off and didn't even care enough about her to come and visit her, giving her carte blanche to bang Barbie.

5. Barbie and his coin which he might have stolen from someone getting the military guy to spill his guts to him.

4. Everyone taking refuge in the cement tunnels when the last time Junior and Julia were down there they were afraid they might collapse on them because the dome cut through them, so some mother of all bombs wouldn't make them collapse?

3. Joe and Norrie kissing and not falling into a seizure when all they had to do is touch before and it caused them to seizure.

2. The needless drama about Norrie's bio dad. How would anyone even know Alice and Norrie were even trapped in the dome, since the government didn't contact anyone in town to get a list of everyone in town?

1. Joe suddenly trying to find Angie as a bomb is ready to be aimed at the town. Wouldn't it have been smarter to go down to the cement caves to see if she showed up there?

As I said before, the changes in these characters the show chose to make hasn't helped any characters aside from Big Jim and Junior. All the other characters are kind of floundering because of them.

It seems the problems lays in the fact what started out as a summer long mini-series, morphed into the show runners wanting to make this a regular series, and to try and make that possible they're really messing things up. Like the previews for next week where rain can suddenly pass through the dome when water couldn't before.


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