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Under The Dome -- Who Killed Angie?

Updated on July 14, 2014

It's looking a lot like Junior did

This episode wasn't as unintentionally bad and funny as last week was. Big Jim was still trying to be Mr. Nice Guy and it was like watching Hannibal Lecter trying to act like Mr. Rogers; it was extremely weird and uncomfortable to watch. There was a lot of finger pointing on who killed Angie. And Julia questioned Barbie's loyalty to her cause he didn't see things exactly as she sees them.

Big Jim is still in his Mr. Rogers mode as he finds that Junior spent the night in a jail cell opposed to sleeping under Big Jim's roof and gets plenty of lip from Junior when he tells him to go to the school. However, when he finds Angie in a pool of blood and covered by butterflies his lips are quivering as he sets to crying because the object of his obsession is no more. Of course the first person he thought to whack her is his big daddy. Joe thinks the same, but Norrie says she got up in the middle of the night and actually gives Big Jim an alibi. She also points a finger at her own suspect. The mysterious Lake Chick.

Lake Chick is found roaming in the woods while a girl's footprint is found in the pool of Angiel's blood that's lying on the floor near her body. Since Lake Chick ran off before Angie got axed, it seems she may have returned and had a good look at her body. Or maybe it was somebody else.

Lake Chick tells Julia she didn't do it and that enough for Julia. She claims she saw a man. However, Junior and Joe believe it was Lake Chick. When Junior can't pull the trigger on her, [Apparently he wasn't the man she saw since she had no reaction to him.] Joe takes the gun and is ready to blow her away, until Julia shows up and gets him to stop by telling him Sam I Am examined Angie's body and she had a man's hand print on her arm, meaning a man killed Angie not a woman.

All around the Dome there's a lot of butterflies and everyone's kind of acting like, Pretty, pretty, butterfly." That is everyone except for science teacher Rebecca. She saws that the pretty butterflies are eating all their crops and need to be stopped and in killed. So she sets the crops on fire and tells Big Jim about the problem. Big Jim asks for Barbie's help. And it isn't long before the two men getting into a pissing contest about who will save the town from the evil butterfly menace.

Big Jim wants to fly the plane so he can spray the butterflies and exterminate them, but Barbie also wants to do it. Barbie gets Rebecca to keep Big Jim busy so he can hijack the crop dusting plane and take off with it. As it turns out Barbie almost buys the farm when the plane starts to stall out until Big Jim tells Barbie what to do, saving Barbie's life.

It's really hard to tell whose side Rebecca is on. While she helped Barbie steal the plane so Big Jim couldn't fly it, she's also telling him he's the real hero that saved them and not Barbie. In short, I'm not sure I'd trust her, and it's always possible since she'd have a reason for being in the school, it was actually Rebecca's footprint that was in Angie's blood and not Lake Chick. Basically, she may not be someone you can trust.

There's trouble in Love Land for Julia and Barbie. Cause he isn't a Dome Head like she is, she begins to doubt him. It's actually hilarious. She didn't doubt him when she learned he killed her husband, but not being a Dome Head worshiping the Dome makes her distrust him.

Someone she does trust is Sam I Am. Especially when he shows her his sister's drawing of the Dome and Lake Chick years before any of this happened. Yep, there's definitely going to be a triangle in the future for Barbie, Julia and Sam I Am. And since Barbie's been off doing extracurricular activities with Rebecca it may even be a square.

Or maybe there will be two triangles: Sam I Am, Julia and Barbie and Big Jim, Rebecca and Barbie. As I said, the woman appears to be playing both sides of the fence in the Big Jim vs. Barbie war. She helps Barbie hijack the plane and glory from Big Jim for destroying the butterflies and saving the food supply. Then she's propping of Big Jim's big ego by telling him he's the real hero and not Barbie.

There's also a third possibility. She may be a raving lunatic. First she sets the crops of fire to save the food supply and could have risked contaminating all the oxygen in the dome. Then she's telling Big Jim it's good Angie died cause the more people that buy it the better since they don't have enough food to feed them all. In short, she seems to be a great believer in the whole food chain thing. And again, it could be why she's the only who really killed Angie, despite the manly hand print on Dead Angie's arm.

The police also think whomever has Angie's bracelet is the one who killed her, and who should find Angie's bracelet lying under his bunk in the jail cell he's been using as home? Why our dear boy Junior. Since he was potted like a palm he can't recall what he did the night before and he rushes to Uncle Sam I Am to tell him he thinks he may be the one who killed Angie. Or someone is trying to frame Junior and make him think he did it.

Considering how Angie felt about Big Jim, she was probably thrilled that he decided to do her eulogy for her at her funeral. Meanwhile I kept wishing the show had played the Rolling Stones' Angie showing a little montage of her. That's the thing The Stand had that this series doesn't. They had some great music in the mini-series. I still remember the playing of the haunting, "Don't Dream It Over."


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