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20 Underappreciated Songs

Updated on March 17, 2009

Underappreciated Songs

A lot of music out there doesn't get the credit it deserves. For whatever reason, it just didn't catch on to the mainstream, or even get discovered. It's sad when a beautiful gem gets lost in an ocean of music; so I took twenty songs that haven't gotten the recognition they deserve, and compiled them into this list.

Image by Oliver Lavery

Angels - By Within Temptation

Within Temptation is a great band that ended up getting missed by the mainstream public. With a style similar to that of Eavenescense, Within Temptation isn't just playing around.

Bruises - By Chairlift

Everytime I hear Bruises, I can't help but smile. The infectious beat and bubbly vocals combine to make a superior song. Chairlift has already caught on in Europe, and with good reason! This song was even featured on a recent iPod Nano commercial. Apple of all people would know good music.

Come on Closer - By Jem

The seductive vocals and lyrical message of Come on Closer mix perfectly with the music. It's a great song that will frequently get stuck in your head.

Cut - By Plumb

A beautiful song with a beautiful message. Cut dwells on a broken singer who delivers a message of remorse and loneliness. Plumb delivers strong vocals that match the mood of the song, and ultimately strives to promote awareness of depression and people who cut. It's a song with a real message that anyone can appreciate.

Dum Diddly - By The Black Eyed Peas

"You know the music make me jump around,", boasts Dum Diddly, another solid song by the BEPs. This one surprised me that it didn't become a single; or at least a club sensation.

Good Day - By Britt Nicole

The electronic chords and pure voice of Britt Nicole mash to create Good Day. A Christian singer with firm beliefs, this song has positive lyrics, yet doesn't fall into the "unimaginative" category of a lot of Christian music. I highly reccomend it!

Guilty Pleasure - By Cobra Starship

Cobra Starship is becoming increasingly popular, but songs like this just aren't taking off. It's too bad too, because this could become a great club song. While the vocals aren't top notch, the beat more than makes up for it. I find myself humming this constantly; the tune does tend to get stuck in your head.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - By Daft Punk

Now infamous as the background vocals to Kanye West's, "Stronger" very few people know that the robotic beats originated as an entirely different song. It's catchy with an entirely different beat, and electronic and techno fans will no doubt love it.

Headlock - By Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is a brilliant band that will give you goosebumps. You don't listen to their music; you experience it. As a whole they are relatively undiscovered, minus the breakout hit, "Hide and Seek". Headlock is one of my personal favorites of their songs; simply beautiful.

Hoodie - By Lady Sovereign

You either love or hate Lady Sovereign. Hoodie is arguably one of her most addictive songs out there though; unlike anything you've ever heard, but familiar enough so it catches on right away.

Let me think about it - By Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand

This is a great mashup that could not have been better. Two songs come together to create an even better one - Let me think about it.

On Top - By The Killers

While hits like "Somebody told me", "Mr. Brightside", and "Human" have hit the mainstream with raging success, the killers have a lot of underappreciated jems in their albums. On Top is one such hidden hit; the same catchy beat The Killers are known for holds steady, and the lyrics are, as always, brilliant.

Permanent Monday - By Jordin Sparks

American Idol Jordin Sparks busts out another beautiful song! Needless to say, her vocals are spot on, and the song speaks wonders to your heart. It was well written and well executed, and just an all around perfect song.

Petrified - By Fort Minor

Fort Minor is a name you'll recognize; but you might not have heard of Petrified. Next to Remember the Name, I would say that Petrified is my favorite song of theirs.

This song is explicit.

Stars - By Roxette

Digitally remastered, Stars is an addictive song that you'll find yourself humming incesintantly.

Starstruck - By Lady Gaga (Featuring Flo Rida)

If it has Flo Rida, you know it has to be good. Lady Gaga amplifies a funky beat that works surprisingly well with her voice, and Flo Rida has a great verse in it.

Street Lights - By Kanye West

I personally think this is his best new song off Kanye's new album "808s and Heartbreaks". It does have a much more mellow feel than the typical 'Kanye style', but it's kind of refreshing. The message in this song is apparent and positive; it's a different style for this rapper, but not necessarily a bad one.

Walking on Air - By Kerli

Kerli has a unique voice and a unique style that we don't typically see in the music industry. While she does have some darker songs, some of them are more inspirational. Walking on Air is one of her standout songs; if you're looking for a darker one though, Love is Dead may be for you.

XR2 - By M.I.A.

Forget Paper Planes! MIA has an arsenal of hidden hits that haven't caught on yet, but XR2 is most likely her next number one single.

You Can't Break a Broken Heart - By Kate Voegele

Odds are you've never heard of Kate Voegele. That's too bad; she's a great up and coming artist, with breakout vocals that mix in with sweet and innocent songs. This particular song, You Can't Break a Broken Heart, is a powerful song that exhibits her range.

Feel free to post any songs you feel are flying under the radar here.

What do you think? - Are there any songs I missed?

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    • Kathryn002 profile image

      Kathryn002 7 years ago

      I love most of this! Kerli especially, also Imogen Heap, Plumb (love her!), Within Temptation and of course Lady Gaga. â¥

      Great lens.