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Undercover Boss: Belfor CEO Sheldon Yellen

Updated on January 25, 2011

Undercover Boss: Belfor Disaster Restoration Company

Season 2; Episode 14 of Undercover Boss the CBS TV reality show features the company Belfor. Belfor is a Disaster Restoration company and the CEO, Sheldon Yellen goes undercover as Tom Kelly to spy on some of employees at different locations.

He poses as a worker that is in competition for a position to work in the company as a new hire.

Sheldon who lives a life of 5 star hotels, golf courses and private jets, trades in his closet full of shoes and 3 piece suits for a backseat ride with the employees who actually do the work that Belfor requires them to do on a daily basis.

Sheldon admitted that he is less than qualified to do any type of physical work yet alone any of the stressful and strenuous work that his employees must do to restore homes that have had damaged by water, fire or other natural disasters.

Drywall Hanging Nightmare

Sheldon became somewhat emotional during is endeavor applying himself to the tasks at hand proving not only to himself but to his employees that he really wasn't cut out for the work that his company requires of his employees.

Sheldon got a first hand experience in just how hard it is installing drywall on the ceiling and the amount of physical struggle it takes to preform this job. He gets to see what its like to perform this type of work everyday.

Most who are good at drywall and cabinet hanging can almost make it look easier than it is giving off a false sense of the difficultly these jobs require.

Sheldon tried to fit in with the spark of sunshine Brenda.

Brenda gave Sheldon the benefit of the doubt because that is just the good hearted person she is.

When in reality Sheldon had no idea that his employee Brenda was on the verge of losing her house.

Sheldon (Tom Kelly) helped Brenda clean a smoke damaged house doing the best he could cleaning the ceiling and walls free from the smoke covered walls.

Drew and Sheldon not only hung some drywall, they struggled to hang a cabinet which Sheldon (Tom) managed to strip the screws and completely made a total mess of a simple finish product.

This gave Drew a frustration moment with such a poor performance from Sheldon almost totally ruining the cabinet.

Drew was less than satisfied with the help he received from Tom ( Sheldon) for that days work.

Sheldon and Jen took a stroll under the house to look for water and mold damage where Sheldon showed Jen that she was a bigger man than he was about the type of work she does.

Also Jen told Sheldon that her raise had been on freeze for over a year but she continued to do the job at a lower rate.

Tom blew his cover and broke down in tears telling Jen he would do what he could and that the upper management did recognize the work she was doing. Nice job Sheldon.

Joe as a experienced contractor could tell right off the bat that Sheldon wasn't cut out for any type of hard labor.

Joe let on that he was earning extra money on the side doing extra work because the amount of money he was making with Belfor just wasn't enough to make ends meet.

Joe got a raise to project manager at the end and was overwhelmed with the contributions that Sheldon gave to Joe to help with his needs.

Belfor Corporate Headquarters

A marker185 Oakland Avenue, Birmingham, MI 48009-3433 -
185 Oakland Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009, USA
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    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks shynsly I really like the show also and can't believe I missed so many episodes. It's ok but what I like about the show is that they pick some really whole hearted people that make this country what it is and It shows the everyday struggle working for the man. Then a real life changing positive outcome comes out in the end directly from the man on top. Pretty touching outcomes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting

    • shynsly profile image

      shynsly 7 years ago from Sierra Vista, AZ

      I absolutely LOVE this show, I wish they did a better job of promoting it. I was a DirecTV tech for four years, so the DTV episode really hit home for me, he didn't even realize his own company doesn't provide GPS units for the techs or that warehouses nation wide are perpetually out of the equipment we needed to do our installs. Funny, and a little sad, how little the "bosses" actually know about their own companies and employees, lol. Great hub on a great show!

    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Minnetonka Twin - I also enjoyed the first few episodes. This one was pretty emotional for the boss and for the viewers watching. Each week they seem to bring out the good in both parties which makes it quite enjoyable to watch with happy endings.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for your review on this weeks Undercover Boss episode. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the first couple of episodes. It was a much deeper show than I ever would have thought it would be. I see how much these CEO's grow and start connecting to the common person after going under cover.