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Undert The Dome -- A Journey Through The Locker

Updated on August 5, 2014

The town is choked by killer dust

Yes, this week's Disaster of the Week was killer dust. Every week there's some potential disaster that's magically solved within about ten minutes. The first week was the magnetism. That was following by the infestation on butterflies eating the food supplies. That was followed by Blood Rain. Next, Rebecca tried to poison the water supply with her pig virus. Then came the food shortage. And now we have the killer dust.

The episode picks up where it left off with Norrie telling Joe she doesn't love him and him packing up his stuffing and running away, while Junior and Sam I Am go down the rabbit hole or should I say the big gaping hole inside the locker. New anointed Sheriff Borebie joins them and Junior is like this big dumb dog. He sees his Mommy's book and goes to fetch it, not seeing the trip wire Lyle rigged and it causes a cave-in with Borebie and Sam I Am inside.

While this is going on, Big Jim and Big Julia are having a pissing contest on who should control the town. The the 911 goes out about Borbie and Sam I Am, and Big Julia goes off to save her man. Meanwhile Jim notices the Dome is becoming like a dust bowl with a big dust storm that he believes will quickly suffocate them all, since if the Dome is coated with dust it won't be able to let any oxygen in.

Of course, Rebecca, who is like Chester's Mills very own Macgyver, says she had her students working on a wind mill project and if they use the wind mill to spray water all over the Dome to give it a car wash and it should fix the problem. She claims this is a byproduct from the Blood Rain. Big Julia's like,"Screw the town. I need to save the dude that's screwing me." as she goes down to help save her bed mattress Borebie.

Big Jim returns to the diner to drum up support for the wind mill plan, trying to make the town folk understand they're in imminent danger of suffocating, but Big Blonde Food Hoarder Chick heckles him that he'll poison the water he plans to use to wash the Dome and they should all wait for Big Julia. Got news for you, Big Blonde Food Hoarder Chick, if you wait for Big Julia you'll be lying on the floor gasping for breath. She has only one thing on her mind and that's saving the dude that's sexing her up.

When Ben goes out into the dust storm and returns gasping for air, the rest of the town quickly gets on board with Big Jim's plan to save them from suffocating. And in about ten minutes the latest disaster is handled. Afterwards Big Jim can't help rubbing it in the team Big Julia sheep that while he was saving her bacon she was too busy saving her boyfriend to give them all a second thought. And Big Blonde Food Hoarder Chick suddenly doesn't seem to be so much team Big Julia anymore.

The townsfolk are like big dumb dogs. They were all team Big Jim until he tried to poison them then then became all team Big Julia cause she fed them and now they're back to being team Big Jim cause he saved them from suffocating.

While all this was going on, back at the high school Rebecca whipped up an explosive in her handy-dandy lab, while Junior declares he must go save the Four Hands cause Lyle is out to kill them and Dead Lake Chick wants to go with them. And it isn't long before Dead Lake Chick and Junior are making goo-goo eyes at each other. I swear, this chick must have been the town bed mattress of her time. It was only an hour ago in Dome-time that she was tonguing Joe.

Just how whack is Junior? Dude doesn't even blink an eye when she tells him she's been dead for twenty-five years.

Anyway, they head to Big Jim's House of Horrors to find Norrie crying cause Joe ran-off when she said she didn't love him, but she didn't mean it. And when she learns Joe is in danger, she's all like, "What are we waiting for. Let's find him" Not sure where Joe is, but he's looking at this wall with pics of Angie and a big butterfly on the wall. Can't be his house, cause it blew up, but they find him.

Then Dead Lake Chick suggests they go to the lake to find the egg. Before Big Julia went off to save Borebie she told Dead Lake Chick the egg wanted her to toss it in the lake. Now, it appears, the egg is tired of being in the water and wants the new Four Hands to raise it from the water. And Norrie's all like to Dead Lake Chick, "Come my sistah and let's hold hands so we can commune with the egg." When an hour before she was trying to pull her hair out by the roots.

Once the new Four Hands has the egg they commune with it and it shows them all the pretty pretty pink stars and a tower. Junior's all like, "That's the tower I saw in the dream about my not-so dead Mommy." And Dead Lake Chick is like, "That tower was in my home town of Zenith," where apparently Borebie used to live.

Meanwhile in the cave-in Borebie and Sam I Am go down two different caves and end up in the same place and Sam I Am declares the Dome wanted them to come there. While the boys seem to bond a bit about all the people they've killed and whose faces haunt their dreams, they also have a philosophical disagreement. Borebie is like, "Dome good," while Sam I Am is like, "Dome bad."

Then Borebie sees the scratch marks and realizes Sam I Am killed Angie Baby. He reveals he had to, because the only way to bring down the Dome is to kill the Four Hands. And after some talk about Dead Lake Chick being the love of his life, Sam I Am jumps off the ledge and into a bottomless pit declaring Pauline's sketchbook was now Borebie's responsibility and when the Dome starts threatening his beloved Big Julia he'll be just as anxious to kill the Four Hands.

And wasn't it convenient that just as Rebecca was examining Dead Lake Chick's blood for any differences, she gets distracted by the hole in the locker. I'll be surprised if they even go back to the blood thing now the four teens are all into touching the egg. Nice way to not give any answers.

You know this show could become a great thing to bet on in Vegas. So what disaster do you think will befall the town next week? Place your bets.


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