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Kylie Jenner & Tyga Had Low Compatibility Match According to Astrology

Updated on May 31, 2019
Maya Angela profile image

Is an expert in eastern astrology who has studied Astrology by traveling and spending years in the eastern continent.

Kylie Jenner is one of the sisters from the Kardashian Family. She has been continuing to be in the limelight of the tabloids not only due to her career as a model and as the member of the Kardashian family but due to her relationship with the Sicko Mode rapper Travis Scott.

This is not the first time Kylie has been in a relationship with a famous rapper as her previous relationship was with another rapper who goes by the name Tyga. So, why did her previous relationship fail? Continue with the article to find out the astrological reading as to why her relationship with Tyga did not work out.


Kylie's Natal Chart Read

Let us begin by analyzing Kylie Jenner's natal chart. In her chart, Jupiter can be seen to be the lord of the 1st house it suggests her to be an intelligent and creative
person with an imaginative nature. She is very diplomatic in nature as well due to Jupiter being debilitated in her chart.

She also has Mercury as the lord of the 10th house which is occupying in the 9th house forming a Laxmi Narayan Yog which supports for her successful career and help her in gaining fame as well.

Analyzing the 7th house (house of love and relationship) in Kylie's natal chart, it seems to have Mercury as the lord. Mercury despite being the lord of the 7th house resides in the 9th house along with Venus and Rahu, which suggests that she is a person who has difficulty in making her relationships work out till the end.

Though her current relationship looks to be working out for her, she is likely to have troubles in her relationship during the end months of the year 2019.
Misunderstandings are likely to arise more in her life during those times which could lead to scandals for her in the future.


Tyga's Natal Chart Read

As for Tyga, his chart shows Saturn to be the lord of the 1st house which is occupying in the 12th house along with Venus while Rahu is the one that is occupying in the 1st house of his chart. It shows that he may be very upfront and confronting character which can make him the subject of controversy on various occasions.

Venus is the lord of the 10th house and as mentioned before, it is conjuncted along with Saturn which does mean that he shall have a successful career in the entertainment industry which would explain the success he had in the music industry as a rapper in the past though he may not be making as much splash as he used to in the past.

As for his relationship, looking at the 7th house of his chart, it is being occupied by Moon and Ketu which does not favor well in regards to love. It is due to the unfavorable planetary position in this house that he is unable to find happiness or longevity in any of his relationships. Ketu being in the 7th house suggests of trust issues in his relationship which is likely to result in more disagreement in the relationship resulting in break-ups.


Kylie and Tyga Sharing Low Compatibility

when we match both Tyga and Kylie Jenner's natal chart the similarities common factors among the two tallies out to be 13 out of 36 which suggests that their compatibility is way below average. If when matching a couple's natal chart, the common factor or Guna as Vedic astrology calls it comes to be at the very least of 18 to be a long-lasting relationship.

Seeing as Kylie and Tyga had below average compatibility, it comes as no surprise that her relationship with Tyga came to a close. Furthermore, their personalities contrast each other and though it may have sparked an interest among the two during the initial phases of their relationship, it should have caused issues as the relationship progressed.

Furthermore, in their personality as well, Kylie falls into the category of Deva Gana and Tyga falls in the Rakshasha Gana which is a polar opposite category of character it also suggests that they would have more confrontation in their relationship. Though Kylie may not have opened every tiny detail about her relationship, there should have been many conflicts in her past relationship.

The low compatibility among Kylie and Tyga along with a polar opposite character is the reason that her relationship with Tyga came to an end. People may choose to believe it if they want and try to dismiss if they want, but astrology does help to determine if you are suited to be with someone or not. Though there may be people who can beat the normal values, those with low compatibility with one another most often than not are unable to make a long lasting relationship like Kylie and Tyga.



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