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Unfinished Business

Updated on March 29, 2015

Unfinished Business

Director: Ken Scott

Writer: Steve Conrad

Cast: Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson, Sienna Miller, June Diane Raphael, Britton Sear, Ella Anderson, Nick Frost, James Marsden, Ken Scott, Kasia Malinowska, Carmen Lopez, Melissa McMeekin, Michael Krabbe, Uwe Ochsenknecht

Synopsis: A hard-working small business owner and his two associates travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every way imaginable - and unimaginable.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for some strong risqué sexual content/graphic nudity, and for language and drug use

Stevennix2001's Rating:

6.8 / 10


- Jokes are funny

- Characters are likable for the most part

- Moves at a nice pace

- Story is decent


- Very predictable story arc

- Vince Vaughn still plays the same damn character he's been playing throughout most of his recent films such as "Delivery Man", "Dodgeball", and "Internship."

Another underrated Vince Vaughn comedy

It seems like Vince Vaughn might be on a bit of an unlucky streak these days, as most of his recent comedies have been misses for most audiences. And to be perfectly honest, it baffles me sometimes because he's not a bad actor. Sure, he always seems to play himself into every role, but his films aren't that bad to watch. Granted, they aren't great either, but they're not downright terrible.

Yet mediocre pieces of crap like "Think Like A Man Too" get way more money at the box office than something like this? Seriously? Sheesh, audiences baffle me sometimes. The story centers around a small business owner named Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaugh), and his two business associates, Timothy McWinters (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco). About a few years ago, Dan quit his job working at some prestigious company over a dispute, and he decided to go into business for himself.

Sadly, things aren't going too well for him as his family is falling apart, and he could face bankruptcy if he fails to close this latest deal for his company. Sadly, what was supposed to be a routine business trip turns into a disaster in almost every fathomable way possible. With little time left to lose, Dan has to close this deal soon, or face the grim possibility that everything he holds dear could fall apart.

Although the film looks like your standard d*ck joke film from the trailers, the reality is there's actually more to the story than most people are led to believe. Throughout the film, we see how Dan struggles to keep this family together, as one of them happens to be dealing with bully problems at school. Meanwhile, his coworkers prove to be less than reliable, as one of them is an inept idiot that used to work at Foot Locker, and the other is a dirty old man.

And similar to "Delivery Man" and "Internship", Vince Vaughn plays the typical every man protagonist that's merely looking for a break in life. If there's a common problem with most of Vince's recent parts, it's the fact that he seems to play the exact same type of character in almost any role he takes on these days.

There's nothing wrong with it per say if you know that's where your strengths are, but it can get rather boring for most audiences, which might explain why this was a bomb at the box office.

As I mentioned before, I don't hate Vince Vaughn. In fact, I think he's a fairly decent actor; in spite of him playing the exact same type of character throughout most of his comedies. However, I do agree with most film critics that it would be nice to see Vince challenge himself every once in a while because even his story arcs are starting to repeat themselves.

Seriously, how man freaking times do we have to see him play the typical every man loser underdog archetype, who goes through a bunch of crap, and comes out being a bigger man in the end. It's the same exact story every time, with different scenarios. And "Unfinished Business" is certainly no exception to the rule here.

However, if you ignore all of his previous roles, and solely judge this movie based on it's own merit, then you might find that "Unfinished Business" really isn't that bad. Sure, the movie is predictable and cliched, but it's a fun comedy to watch. The characters are likable, and it's certainly better than most comedies that are out these days. The jokes were funny, as I have to admit that I got a good laugh while watching this film.

In the end though, "Unfinished Business" is worth checking out once it comes out on DVD/Blue Ray, but I wouldn't bother watching this in theaters.

© 2015 Steven Daniels


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Daniels 

      5 years ago

      @Cogerson- Well at least he's not doing as badly as Brendan Frasier seems to be doing these days. he had arguably more promise in his career than Vaughn ever did, yet after a few bad roles, he's no longer a big player in hollywood anymore. Me thinks the same will probably happen to Vaughn if he keeps making flops like this.

      @Fpherj48- Well don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad movie by any means. I'm just saying because he plays the same type of character in most of his films it's causing his recent movies to seem rather repetitive, which might explain why some people are turned off by "unfinished business."

      Although in hindsight, I think I may have been a bit too harsh when rating this movie, as it probably deserved a 7 possibly. Not a 6.8, but oh well.

      @Jupiter90- To be honest, I completely forgot most of this movie by now, as it's been months since I've seen it, so I couldn't tell you anymore. Sorry. lol. If I had only answered and read this comment like a few months ago, then I could've answered your question, but I forgot it by now. Sorry. Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed the movie, or if you haven't seen it yet still, then I hope you do whenever you do get around to it eventually. :)

    • jupiter90 profile image


      5 years ago

      I have yet to watch "Unfinished Business" though I couldn't agree with you more that Vince Vaughn plays the same character in every movie. Heck, half of Hollywood does that anyway, lol. ****cough's***George Clooney. I must admit, I actually enjoyed "The Internship." If "Unfinished Business" is like "The Internship" then I might like the film. One thing I am confused about is which European country did the film protagonists go to? I remember seeing trains in the movie trailers that resemble the metro trains of Athens, Greece. However, I may be wrong. Anyway, I will have to see the movie myself. I will take your advice and wait to see the film on DVD (actually, I'll just stream it on Amazon since, I haven't bought a DVD since 2006,lol).

    • fpherj48 profile image


      5 years ago from Carson City

      Coge! Bite your tongue! LOL... There isn't anything anyone could say to tear me away from Vince. I love him. LOVE him!

      Steve.....Can't keep me away from this movie. Vince could play the same type character all he wants. He's VERY good at it and I find him extremely funny......My opinion of his comedic talent is at the top. I have enjoyed all of his movies, mostly because of him.

      Perhaps one day he will challenge himself.....and I have faith he'll do well. In the meantime, he needn't change for me!!

      Good review......(related to James Franco I'm assuming? Another family of talented actors?) UP++ tweeted.

    • Cogerson profile image


      5 years ago from Virginia

      Nice review.....poor Vince his career seems to be going backwards.


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