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Top 10 Unforgettable Anime OST Part 2

Updated on July 1, 2016

1. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk has often been credited with introducing basketball love and mania in Japan. Whether or not that's statistically proven, the show remains as one of the most memorable Anime sports shows that's part comedy, part action. Who doesn't want to watch a story about a red-haired delinquent who decides to join the basketball team to impress his crush and defeat the guy his crush is crushing on?

OP 1 - Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai

I know people still use this as a ringtone or maybe an alarm. It's a popular song, especially for the '90s kids!

Closing 2 - Anata Dake Mitsureteru

The firsts are always memorable. Sweet and pop, the two songs are catchy and fun.

2. Flame of Recca

Undoubtedly, old Anime shows also had great soundtracks. They were memorable, catchy, easy, and a lot of fun to try to sing to. Flame of Recca, much like Ghostfighter and Dragonball, all hail from the tournament/sports-trope. Hence, it's popular among younger girls and boys and older guys.

OP 1 - Nanka Shiawase

Whenever I heard this song, I'd immediately flop down on the couch to watch Flame of Recca. Being an elementary student had its perks - like going home early to watch your favorite Anime.

Closing 2 - Zutto Kimi Ni Soba De

This is a sweet and touching song. It balances out the cool and shounen-ish opening theme quite well.

3. Voltes V OP - Let's Volt In!

One of the really old Anime shows that feature mecha/robots like Daimos, Voltes V is up there with the veterans and the ancients. Its opening theme, though, still lingers in the minds of many. C'mon, admit it - you've tried to sing this one, too.

It's definitely nostalgic.

4. Eyeshield 21 - Break Through

Eyeshield 21 inspired a lot of people! The sole Anime that featured high school American football, Eyeshield 21 began with small Kobayakawa Sena, the frail freshman who has been bullied all his life. Sena has one amazing skill, though - he can run really fast (years of running away from bullies and running errands for them). So, the Deimon Devil Bats' devilish and cruel quarterback and captain, Hiruma, forces him to join the football team.

The show's got such quirky characters with unique talents and stories. It definitely had a lot of fans and it was bittersweet to see it end. Oh, the feels.

And the first opening can really inspire the underdog in many of us to never give up.

5. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Continued Story

Code Geass: Lelouch is definitely one of the best Anime shows of all time. Lelouch is an anti-hero, but he's not the usual brash, hero-in-denial types. No, he has all the characteristics of a well-rounded villain. And that's why he is an unforgettable protagonist. He's crafty and can be cruel. He's cunning, but he will do everything to protect his family and the world - even if it means being the ultimate tyrant the world has ever seen.

This ending song sums up the entire show perfectly. After everything Lelouch has been through.... Watch the video and weep.

6. Ghost Fighter/Yu Yu Hakusho OP 1 - Hohoemi No Bakudan

Ah, Yu Yu Hakusho - the one that started the Ray Gun craze. Spirit warriors or ghost fighters defending the world through a series of tournaments were the pretty popular back then. Heck, they're still popular now.

7. Dragonball Z OP - Cha-La Head Cha-La

Dragonball is a legendary Anime show spanning for generations. From the very beginning where Son Goku was still a child to when married his childhood sweetheart, Chi-Chi, to when he became a father to Goten, to when he died and returned to see his youngest, Gohan (who looked so much like him!), to when he became a mini-version of himself (an enemy's spell) and met his granddaughter Pan, and to when he made a final appearance as a man during one of the tournaments where old Granny Pan was watching.

Whew, what an Anime.

8. Gate Keepers OP 1 - Asu no Egao no Tame Ni

School kids fighting aliens about to take over the world! Who doesn't love that? Welcome to Gate Keepers, fighters who draw their power from the Gate.

This song is cute and sweet and has the elements of both action and romance - what you'll definitely find in the Anime itself.

9. Hunter X Hunter OP 1 - Ohayo!

Before its remake, this was Hunter X Hunter's first opening song and it was a feel-good song. "Good morning!" is definitely a way to brighten up a day. It's not explosive as the other opening theme of shounen Anime shows, but it's relaxing and motivating enough to start your day.

10. D.Gray-Man Closing 8 - Changin'

D.Gray-Man had a lot of potential, but it had to end because of some copyright and ownership issues with the manga. Thankfully,the mangaka has reclaimed some rights and is re-doing the story.

In any case, "Changin'" is a mellow and sentimental song (the duet is pretty amazing, too). The vocals are great and the mood is solemn.

What're your fave Anime OST that you've grown up with? That you can't forget? That's amazingly awesome?


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