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Unforgettable Review: Thrillers

Updated on April 28, 2017
Unforgettable theatrical poster
Unforgettable theatrical poster


So we've all been there right? We move in with a man and take on his kids. Then, his ex-wife lurks in the background silently plotting our demise. Okay, maybe not. However, this is the case in thriller Unforgettable directed by Denise Di Novi starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl. The story follows Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) as she leaves her job and moves in with the man she's fallen head over heels for. Unfortunately, Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl; the ex-wife) is not willing to let go that easily. What ensues are a series of frightening events leading up to a violent confrontation that will never be forgotten.


The story centers around Julia Banks and her conflict with David's ex-wife, Tessa. Fuming after the divorce, Tessa Connover silently plans her revenge. And nothing is off limits. However, Julia is not going to back down. She will not let Tessa ruin the new life she's built for herself. And of course, the two clash in a very violent fashion.

The film's two main characters, Julia and Tessa, are the movie's selling point. Julia is good natured and free spirited. Her coworkers love her and everyone she comes across enjoys her company. Tessa Connover is the exact opposite. She is very emotional and extremely vindictive. To her, appearance is EVERYTHING. Not one hair is to be out of place, dresses must always be stylish, pressed, and clean. No matter what she is to always keep a poker face. Tessa Connover is fierce and is not to be messed with.

The performances by both women are what saves this movie from becoming a Lifetime movie. Julia's goodness radiates off of her with her every interaction she has. But, she's not a pushover! Rosario Dawson is fierce when she stands up to Tessa and fights anyone who tries to bring her harm. Katherine Heigl's portrayal of the cutthroat and frightening Tessa Connover is perfect. Katherine's gestures and movements are precise even when she's boiling with rage. And the look in Heigl's eyes scream mastermind and heinous comic book villain.


Overall, Unforgettable is a good and undeniably tragic film. The whole film is filled with love, sadness and passion—even if its channeled into craziness. The film has its slow points but the climax is worth it. The trailer shows a little bit, but the suspense leading up and the actual clash itself between Julia and Tessa, is staggering. Definitely, don't forget to watch Unforgettable.

Unforgettable is Rated R and available in theaters.


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