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Unfriend : 2009 Word Of The Year

Updated on November 17, 2009

We are bootylicious.

We look hot in our bling bling.

We put up with mantrums from emotionally immature men.

Now we can unfriend those mantrum-prone, bling bling wearing men.

Yes,the 2009 Word of the Year according to the New Oxford American Dictionary is “unfriend”.

If you’re one of the cool kids who is familiar with social networking sites – facebook in particular, chances are you are very familiar with the term “unfriend”.

For those of you who don’t keep up with the social networking phenomenon, to “unfriend” someone simply means to remove someone from your friends list. This can be due to many reasons:

  • You fall out with a friend, so you unfriend them.
  • You have naughty pictures and tales from a recent vacation that would make your parents blush, so you unfriend your parents (why would you “friend” your parents in the first place or feel the need to share naughty pictures online anyway?)
  • You suddenly discover religion and decide to unfriend all your atheist friends
  • You get a fabulous new career and unfriend all your former co-workers
  • You break up with a boyfriend and unfriend him because let’s face it no one wants to read updates from her ex bragging about how wonderful his current girlfriend is.

I don’t use facebook for much besides catching up with old long lost friends but in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit I have been a victim of the unfriend button. I was dating a rather decent man (I thought he was decent at the time) who spent a great deal of his day updating his facebook wall about activities he wanted to do instead of actually being out there doing those activities. He looked me up on facebook and sent me a friend request and despite my not wanting to add him, I accepted his friend request. Fast-forward to a few weeks into the dating game and I started noticing some odd behavior that I wasn’t comfortable with. I pointed this disturbing behavior out which led to a huge fight and the next thing I knew, he hit the unfriend button on Facebook and I was history. Needless to say I’m no longer dating this man. His mantrums were a bit too much for me to handle and now that I think about it, I really hated his bling bling. I am way too bootylicious for him so he did me a really huge favor by unfriending me.

Funny Unfriend Cartoon

Absolutely hilarious unfriend cartoon
Absolutely hilarious unfriend cartoon


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