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Bone Thugs N Harmony, Uni5: The World's Enemy Review

Updated on December 7, 2011

Review 3.0

Cleveland's finest, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are back with their most anticipated and eighth studio album, Uni5; The World's Enemy, which has all five original members, Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh-N-Bone since 2000's BTNH Resurrection. Its been a journey of success and struggle for this legendary rap group of melodic and often rapid flows, which made them stand out among other Hip-hop artists bursting on to the scene in the early 90s by late mentor, Eazy-E. With Flesh serving an eight-year prison sentence and Bizzy with numerous absences from the group venturing solo projects, the remaining members Krayzie, Layzie and Wish effectively has kept Bone Thugs relevant in the game. Many thought a reunion was impossible. Bone Thugs -N- Harmony has once again overcome any objections.
Uni5 starts with one of the leading single, 'Rebirth' a thumping and stringy track assisted by Mo Thugs affiliate and producer, Thin-C which showcases all five members spitting flawless flows of why their style is still potent and often mimicked by others. Krayzie Bone who is pretty much the group's leader and front man starts with, 'They don’t wanna see me shine/ Everybody wanna sound like Bone though/ Come back in the Bone zone/ But you beginnin’ with the daddy you don’t know. They call me The Granddad – Granddaddy of the Bone flow/. Bizzy still has the edge, which some feel he has lost it over the years as he delivers probably the best verse with superb fire and speed. The second song, 'See Me Shine' is powerful and inspiration as the thugs always give a sense of preachy messages as their sound is always changing to more mature content.
Then there are some tracks that make one scratch a ear like, 'Only God Can Judge Me' of why they're almost foreseeing how their death and funerals are going to happen in the future? 'My Life' is a nice, but moody song reflecting of their upbringing as Wish Bone breaks down probably the most three events which has haunt the quintet from past to present, 'Bone, what happened?/What happened, why did Eazy die?/What's wrong with Bizzy, he alright?/Is Flesh, really comin home?'. 'Everytime' is a nice track everyone could possibly relate to dealing with different situations when Flesh says, 'Every time I turn around Somebody givin me the rules, a new ordeal.'
Radio and commerical efforts are among this collective album with 'I'm Gone'. Towards the end of the album, there are a few songs, which stands out the most with 'Universe'. This is where all five members just give homage and light to one another. 'Pay What They Owe' brings back the good old harmony days and 'Facts Don't Lie' shows that the thuggish ruggish, East. 99 persona will always be around. But, buy the old albums if fans are still expecting this flavor of Bone music.

A die hard Bone Thug fan should have Uni5: The World's Enemy in the collection. Its a step towards brilliant and more mature sound. The subject matter appears to be redundant though shaking off haters and Bone reclaiming their once, groundbreaking throne. Previous albums 'Strength & Loyalty' to 'Thug World Order' had a variety of topics even the good and bad blues of weed smoking. The five true thugs from the double glock are here to stay and fans can appreciate their legacy with Uni5: The World's Enemy.

©2010, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.

Uni-5: The World's Enemy
Uni-5: The World's Enemy

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's blockbuster album, 'Uni5: The World's Enemy,' is its first release in more than 15 years with all five members in tow. Though 'Uni5: The World's Enemy' updates Bone's signature sound and style into a less abrasive, more reflective incarnation, the group's potency has only been heightened.

Although Flesh-N-Bone was arrested in the late 1990's and sentenced to more than a decade in prison, having all five group members working in unison on 'Uni5: The World's Enemy' gave the collection more significance in a robust effort. The unity of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony shines throughout 'Uni5: The World's Enemy.'

The piano-accented 'Facts Don't Lie' features the group coming together to document its history and cement its status as the rap game's original thugs, while the melodic 'Pay What They Owe' details how Bone changed the music world.

Long-time Bone fans know that one of the group's strengths is its ability to make credible inspirational music. The moody 'My Life' and the bluesy 'Determination' encourage fans to look for the positive in life and to not give up in the face of


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony reaches its creative apex on 'Uni5: The World's Enemy.' It's an album that could have only been made by worldly, battle-tested, street-savvy men who have tasted success and disappointment, who have known triumph and failure.



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