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Unleash The Power Within Review - Is This Seminar Just A Scam?

Updated on July 13, 2011

How Quickly Can The Unleash The Power Within Seminar Help Someone?

Anthony Robbins' flagship seminar, Unleash The Power Within (UPW), might seem like it's a scam at first glance. I was certainly skeptical when I heard about this program. According to Robbins, every one of us has a power inside that can help us attain our dreams, as long as we know how to use it.Click Here To Receive A FREE 5-Part Unleash The Power Within Video Series To Learn The Secret Psychology Of Success!

If you think that sounds like a lot of new age mumbo jumbo, you're not alone, but there's truth to that statement, no matter how silly it might seem when you first encounter it. Most of us look outside ourselves for answers, but that gives away our power. What we need to do is learn to look inside ourselves to find the power we could be using to reach our fullest potential.

Unleash the Power Within is built to start helping you as soon as Anthony Robbins, its creator, starts speaking. This seminar runs over the course of a weekend, and it is a long weekend too. An Anthony Robbins seminar is always guaranteed to bring in an enthusiastic audience, but UPW gives you countless tools and strategies that will have you leaving even more excited than when you arrived. I was itching to put those techniques into practice once I got back home, and the results started coming just as he said they would.

Consumer Complaints And Comments?

"The 'Unleash' program allows you to excel at your own pace."

Portion of an actual review at

"This is a lovely way to improve your confidence."

Portion of an actual review at

"Both Saturday and Sunday turn out to be very long sessions going for more than 12 hours straight, but the time flies...."

Portion of an actual review at

I think the most important thing was that it was worth the ticket price to go to UPW. I did hesitate to spend several hundred dollars but I'm glad I did as it isn't a rip off at all. Secondly I realised that I can remove all the barriers that I thought were standing in my way.

You also need to be clear about what it is you want in life. If you aren't you won't achieve it. I also know now that I don't have to be dictated to by others. If I want to build up my own business - even in a recession - I can do it and be successful. And finally - and perhaps most importantly of all - anything is possible. I never believed that until I went to UPW for the weekend. Some people might take some convincing of this but don't be closed to the possibilities.

Did The Seminar Deliver On The Promises Made In The Sales Letter?

Definitely. It promised me that my life would be changed in this single weekend. It sounded like too much for anyone to promise, but that is exactly what happened. You cannot help but see improvements in your life once you have put the techniques from Unleash the Power Within into action.

What Did The Seminar Leave Out?

For me, the website didn't fully get across just how energising this seminar is. I didn't think I was the type to get up on my feet, but I was! I think I'd be sitting there slouched in my seat the whole time, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's an exciting place to be.

What Type Of Person Is Unleash The Power Within Right For? And Who Would It Be Wrong For?

If you want to change your life then the seminar is definitely right for you. I found myself looking at every part of my life and seeing what I needed to do to succeed. But don't go if you aren't prepared to spend money to get the quality information you need.

Can I Recommend The UPW?

This Anthony Robbins seminar is truly outstanding. I came away armed with so many ideas and so much enthusiasm that I was bursting to tell other people about it. And that doesn't dissipate once you are back home either. That is the true gift of the Unleash the Power Within seminar - it keeps on giving for the rest of your life. That's why it is a bargain. UPW is much more than you think it is going to be.

A Taster of Unleash The Power Within and Tony Robbins....

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    • profile image

      Johnk172 3 years ago

      You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post. eeeaeecfdedd

    • profile image

      lauxeck 4 years ago

      Love Tony's work, always felt really inspired by what he does. As he always says and I couldn't agree more, the secret to personal development is the mindset and how close it is to your vision. Great lens, thanks!

    • giovi64 lm profile image

      giovi64 lm 5 years ago

      Antony is a force of nature.

      I attended his seminar, and it was an incredible experience.

    • profile image

      gabriel-cohen-sabban 5 years ago

      Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within UPW Review

      I attended the San Jose Anthony Robbins UPW on July 2012 from Thursday to Sunday . Prior to purchasing the tickets, we did not see much value difference in the pricey VIP, Diamond, and Diamond Premiere pass. Still there was a $1695 dlls difference between the general entry and best ticket. The main difference seemed to be seating closer to stage, and free lunch with Diamond and Diamond Premiere. They warranty you seat in the first three rows. My brothers and me are the kind who want to pamper ourselves and travel first class. Therefore, we bought Diamond tickets. Just as when flying first class, sometimes the people you meet make the whole difference and one small connection can pay those tickets several times over.

      Despite they promised us to seat in the first three rows, almost every day, even with Diamond tickets, we were seating about 20 rows far away from stage. Still, we could feel Tonyâs presence really close. As to the lunch, it was only free two out of the four days Friday and Saturday. Fridayâs lunch was a total disappointment: sandwich boxes and canned sodas. You might think if you pay $2095 for a 4 day seminar, at least you would get a hot catered lunch or even a sitting waitered lunch. Saturday, they surprised us with a cater lunch buffet. I think this was a stupid saving on their part. Specially with the type of VIP crowd that are used to something better. You cannot insult our intelligence. After spending so many hours taking the seminar, it was necessary to eat well to have enough energies.

      Overall I put this issue aside and did not let it bother me since I was there for different type of mission: life nutrition.

      I knew ahead of time, that Tony was going to be present only Thursday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday was conducted by another guy by the name of Joseph. Really nice guy and speaker; however, not the same caliber. Even though, he kept on reminding us how great he was, sometimes we felt he was like a used car salemen. The good news was that every 30 minutes they would put us Tony Robbins videos. Not particularly fon of watching videos when you pay so much for the real thing?

      Well I tell you this much: the days that Tony Robbins was present he talked non stop for long hours without having anybody replaced him. Everybody wondered how he had so much energy to endure so long, and also talked for so long. He almost lost his voice too.

      Day 1: It did not take me long to realize that Tony was legitimate and not bullshit. He really cut the crap, and told people to cut the crap too when they answered his questions politely with nonsense. He used all the power he had, he used insults and bad words if necessary. He screamed when he had to too.

      I have to say that the first day was overwhelming. First, the excitement and anticipation, the good vibes of 6000 people really did something to my system, and although I was exhausted I could not get enough of Tonyâs teachings and preaching. I have to say I am not someone easy get impressed by. I have a bachelors and masters in Computer Science, and they are not going to teach me much science in 4 days.

      We were fired up, and super excited about the changes that would happen in our lives. The sky was limit, and we ended the day with the firewalk; as a metaphor that we can do and have anything we want. I thought they exaggerated the agenda when they said we will finish the day at 11.30pm. However we finished an hour later. I have to say that if the seminar finished that day, it would have fulfilled my expectations many times over.

      Day 2: Honestly I was not expecting much from this guy Joseph. However, some simple exercises we did made me refresh my memory and remind me what I really want. The first half of the day was excellent. For the very first time in a long time I talked to myself and put the focus on me and targeted very clearly my goals.

      Day 3: In short Tony reprogrammed us to get rid of our limiting beliefs that prevent us from doing the things that we should be doing in life. He did it to an extent that it would be painful not to change and we would get extreme satisfaction by changing. For example he made us experience our future lives with no change and tons of pain. In contrast he also gave us a taste how nice our lives would be if we take action now.

      Day 4: Was all about Nutrition. I must say I am not the most savvy on this topic. The goal was to learn how our bodies function, and to learn how to eat and exercise better (not in order to get fit but) in order to be more healthy and have more energies. From day one we learned that in order to be motivated and to do things, we need to condition our body to get the energy we need.

      It does not take a genius to know that salad is good and coffee, smoking, drinking alcohol or soft drinks are bad; however they programmed us in a way to feel the damage of the bad foods, and try religiously to eliminate or reduce some bad habits. Also to hydrate our body and breathe better. I really enjoyed the last day and profited tremendously from things you take for granted.

      In conclusion, the seminar is well worth it. So worth it that so many attendees were so pleased that they signed up on the spot for other futures pricy conferences. I noticed a lot of students that I am sure they struggle to even pay $995 for general entry. However, they did not hesitate for a second to enroll themselves in a future costly conference even though they have to get in debt with their credit cards.

      Tony is not a fake, he is real. He does not lectured you, he shows you by example. He does not do miracles like preachors, he does miracles through psychological techniques that convince you right away. So much that he worked on some people not for 5 minutes to impress you, but continued for almost an hour till he made sure a real lasting change was in progress.

    • profile image

      EllipticalTrainersGuide 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the information about UPW.


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