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Unlucky Fried Kitten's response to U2 'Songs of Innocence' intrusion

Updated on September 15, 2014

It's a bit of a palava, but it does show the contempt we are held in as music-buying public. Take away the fact that I have a band and I'm just trying to make my way in the world, you can clearly see, from this exchange, that the record companies don't even respect their own bands. I have no real truck with Bono or U2 in general (they were a great band until the mid 80's came along) but how is it acceptable for them to infiltrate and trespass upon my i-phone but it's not acceptable nor is it appropriate for me to send a submission to their record label, without being subjected to patronising and dismissive retorts. Dismissive btw, cos I am no longer able to even reply.

In the words of a colleague and peer in the local music scene (by 'local' I mean the UK btw):

'On the back of U2 appearing on everyone's iPhone, it's 2014 and record companies are still shit. Read this exchange and think about how you're discovering new and exciting music....'

That from Mark Matthews (bass player, check his catalogue, google The Dentists, Medway)

I have other comments to support my stance, and I will add them accordingly.

Sorry to have bothered you, Island and Universal. I don't expect a record deal or a festival slot. I can do all that shit myself. I just think a little respect is in order. Oh well

PLEASE NOTE: I have had to take original transcripts down and blot out the name. This, in turn, has made the images rather small, so I have copied the transcript from the original, for those who may be viewing on smartphone, thanks


  • Thank you for your submissions. Unfortunately, we are not looking for this type of music at the moment but we wish you the best of luck in your ventures MC (Island Records)

  • 12:43André Vocáse

    Did you even listen to my music?

  • 12:43

    Yes, we listen to all submissions MC (Island Records)

  • 12:46André Vocáse

    No you didn't. I sent you a downloadable link, and it hasn't been downloaded. As artistes we would rather hear that you played our music and didn't like it, rather than some lie about playing it when you clearly didn't. AV (Unlucky Fried Kitten)

  • 12:48

    You sent the music. Our choice if we don't d/l it. Perhaps we could call it an intrusion MC

  • 12:52André Vocáse

    Hold on a fucking minute. Earlier you called it a submission, now it's an intrusion. How on Earth are bands ever supposed to get deals if you won't even listen to our music? Also, you talk about my submissions being an 'intrusion' Well how about your band U2 planting their latest album in my iPhone? Is that not an intrusion? Can you ask Bono to stop squatting on my fucking iTunes? AV

  • 12:54

    The mere suggestion that I am in dialogue with Bono is ludicrous. Does the CEO of Walmart converse with the guy on the checkout? The U2 deal is with Apple Inc MC

  • 12:58André Vocáse

    You're NOT the CEO of Island. That's the difference. The trespassing release of Songs of Innocence may have been a deal betwixt U2 and Apple Inc but U2 are still repped by Island and, ultimately, Universal, and the album will be released physically by your company, so quit the worming your way out of things, please Now, did you listen to my music? AV

  • 13:01

    I may not have listened to your music personally. We have a team to do this kind of thing. Feel free to send a link to me personally and I will give it a listen MC (Island Records)

  • 13:02André Vocáse

    No, poke it up your arse, and tell Bono that nobody really likes him. To think that Island was the home of Sparks and Bob Marley. I shudder to fucking contemplate AV

You cannot reply to this conversation.

Of course, I can no longer reply to the conversation. Patronising and cowardly.

So, it appears it is not just me that takes offence at the U2 squatting in my i-tunes and on my i-phone. I am not knocking U2 and I'm definitely not knocking their fans (like I said, they were good, in the old days...the band...not the fans)

To clarify, this is not sour grapes. I don't want a record deal. I don't need a record deal. I am way too old for that. I just like to warble drunkenly now and again, if that's okay with you, Mister C!

Thank you to my friends who don't fall for this shit from record companies:

Jo Walker, Sarah Hodge, Louise May, Lance Pearce, Brian Graves, Gill Howard, Sue Gray, Sue 'Star Wars' Morbi, Mark Matthews, Nigel 'Pizt' Leitch, Lisa Walker, Jamie Akrill and Matt Gibson


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    • ufk profile imageAUTHOR

      Andy Fraser 

      4 years ago from Maidstone England

      Very good points, brilliantly made. Thank you, Sparkster. Yes, it'll be intersting to see if the downloads count towards chart positioning. Whatever, I'm sure it's all part of U2's plan for World Domination. The juggernaut rolls on

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Doesn't surprise me at all! Yep, us musicians are certainly given a hard time by the record labels/companies. That is unless we come up with some unoriginal, generic, spew-out clone of previous mainstream successes that they think they might be able to make a buck or two from! I'm wondering if all the free downloads of the new U2 album will count as sales (thereby giving them a high chart position)?!


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