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Unnai Pol Oruvan Movie review

Updated on July 18, 2011

Unnai Pol Oruvan - Tamil movie

 Super actor Kamalhaasan's latest Tamil movie "Unnai Pol Oruvan"is a low budget short movie made in a short span of time by Raaj Kamal movies produced by Kamal Haasan himself. Tamil movie "Unnai Pol Oruvan" reviewed here is a honest remake of the  big blockbuster Bollywood movie "A Wednesday" starring Anupam Kher and Nasrudeen Shah. It is a short movie (about 100 minutes) a little less than 2 hours, narrating the incidents that happen in just one day.

Unnai Pol Oruvan movie stills

Kamal Haasan movies

Unnai Pol Oruvan (A common man like you)

"A Wednesday" is available on Netflix streaming if you want to watch. If you plan to watch the Tamil or Telugu version, I would strongly suggest not to watch the original Hindi version first as it will completely spoil it. The basic plot is the negotiations between a terrorist (a common man pretending to be one) and the police commissioner. There are no background stories of why the common man becomes a terrorist or any other character. So, there is no character building aspect in this movie. The movie's ending looks abrupt too, but what else can you expect from a movie of this genre?

Super Actor Kamal Haasan does not have a lot of scope for acting in this movie. Another super actor from the Malayalam movie industry, Mohanlal stars in this movie as a honest cop in charge of handling the bomb crisis in the city. At least Mohanlal has more opportunities and situations to emote and show different levels of seriousness as he deals with the terrorist, his subordinates, actors and politicians. One of the interesting scenes is when an actor (portrayed by Sriman) asks for Z level security from the police commissioner for his protection. Sriman's mannerisms reflect those of Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay while the actor is shown as an idiot and inconsiderate.

Kamal Haasan is supposed to play a terrorist. But, from the get go, the audience knows he is not the bad guy and there has got to be a good reason behind his bomb threats to the police commissioner. Perhaps, Kamal was confused and did not get proper instructions from the director - did he want to act like a common man or did he scare the audience as if he was a real terrorist?

I did not have much expectations from the music director of this movie, Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan. Interestingly, the background score was impressive to keep the audience curiosity throughout the movie.

Overall, it looks like producer Kamal Haasan is a clear winner. He got a great screenplay rights from the Hindi movie, low budget and he knew he can't go wrong with it. Some quick bucks indeed which is my take in this "Unnai Pol Oruvan" Tamil movie review.

My verdict: Good movie, but you can wait for DVD.

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