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You're never alone!

Updated on June 14, 2011
Are you being watched???? Well, think hard.
Are you being watched???? Well, think hard. | Source
An orb! Does this mean a spirit????
An orb! Does this mean a spirit???? | Source

You're never alone!

One solid fact we can never contradict or oppse, life is a mysterious place, full with question marks, and hard to fully justify, define or the least examine completly without skeptisim when it comes to spiritual world. Anything is possible, and apt for investigation.The more mysterious part yet scary is when you don't understand/apprehend or even reason about a dark zone called the unknown where you're touched, and can't see your way clearly.We all hear about ghosts, spirits, UFO, and paranormal... Each could have a major impact on our daily lives whether we believe or ignore. But how do they effect us, and to what extent??? Where, and when do we draw a line of truth, and lay down the concrete facts. We grew up talking, reading, and writing about these extraordinary subjects.

Many succesful TV shows,and movies revolved around the issue of paranormal, supernatural, and ghosts...When we get a circle in our pix, we directly assume that is an orb! Is the orb a concrete evidence? Well, it depends on how do you see it from your own point of view.

Dear readers, the unknown is scary, unacceptable, and can never be justified accurately. So, it's all up to your personal belief, understanding, and opinion.

Do you have an eerie feeling that you're never alone! Some People say that ghosts don't exist, and they're a figment of imagination. I advise you: "Think again!" As a writer, I try hard to understand but every time I get closer to the truth something or someone sets me back to square one.. Many questions race in my mind like a car going in circles, questions such as; "Do you believe in Ghosts????" Being watched, feeling the chills, getting afraid, and attacked by the unknown!!! What are we really talking about? Some people experience the atmosphere of a paranormal acitivity while others simply justify the circumstance, and odd situations or incidents with science. You might hear them say: "There must be an explanation or a reason for what happens!!!" I wonder what group do you belong to? I myself can't answer this question! I believe that there are some things in life are best to be left alone, a file to X out. For instance black magic, fortune tellers, and knowing what's tomorrow.

I hear about people who can see, and hear the dead. I also hear about people who claim that seeing a ghost is nothing but a state of mind. Some people can see, hear the dead. In my opinion, and according to my own personal views I know for a fact that there's a fine line between the spiritual world, and reality. I'm talking about a very thin line, a crack in the wall of our lives which can easily be considered a portal. Dare to open a door, and walk into a zone called the unknown, a zone many feared for many years. .It's normal to fear the unknown...But remember, "Faith" plays a major role in terms of believing while science keeps on badgering the facts to justify, reason, and explain the unbelievable. Do you feel the presence of someone? Are you being watched? Did you ever experience something that puzzled your mind with unlimited exclamation marks? Well, life has too many questions, and practically no answers..

If this is the case, let's not investigate "UFO" or any other supernatural subject without a concrete evidence. Until then, I will stop writing, and start a new search.

Gladys Karam

3Angels Power Film Production INC


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub and I now look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care