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Unstoppable - Movie Review and Summary- Parallels From the Movie to Real Life

Updated on December 7, 2011



Parallels From the Movie to Real Life

Have you ever felt that your life was a runaway train? A train full of components that could explode if derailed? An unstoppable train that is difficult to gain control again after accidental mistake? Though the movie, "Unstoppable" is literary about that situation, there are parallels that could be drawn from the movie and metaphorically happen in real life. 

"Unstoppable" is about a runaway train which is carrying dangerous components that could explode. The two main characters Frank (Denzel Washington) and Will (Chris Pine) find themselves chasing the runaway train due to one person's poor judgment and accidental mistake that could end in tragedy. The script was cleverly written well and thoughtful. Though, pretty much the characters' lives and about who they were, were more told than shown. A let down, which I found my mind slightly wandering from the screen.

Not only do Frank and especially Will, find themselves chasing a literal train, but also some sort of runaway train within their lives. It seemed as though as they made progress in stopping and saving the literal train, at the same time it saved their metaphorical one in their lives with rocky relationships with family members. Even though I felt the characters weren't fully developed, this movie delivered a powerful message overall. The message of the concept that if you conquer the little steps and took the risks necessary in taking care of an out of control problem, you can gain control more effectively and fix the situation.

The grade I would give this movie is a B+.

© 2011 Alyssa Scheidemann


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    • Matt in Jax profile image

      Matt in Jax 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Interesting connection you made there.