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Updated on August 1, 2016

When the walls of arteries become thicker, blood flow to the organs is restricted resulting in a series of cardiovascular problems. Some people are born with conditions that expose them to the risk of heart attack. While in other circumstances, problems arise due to unhealthy lifestyle options. Smoking, poor diets and lack of exercise all lead to cardiovascular problems.

Tobacco is known for its injurious effects for the heart. It leads to the buildup of a waxy substance in the arteries which thickens them and makes them narrow, restricting the flow of blood to and away from the heart. This can lead to chest pains and heart attack. Lack of physical activity is also a major cause of heart problems. Being physically active reduces the risk of heart attacks. Exercise lowers blood pressure and improves the circulation of blood, preventing blood clots that could cause heart attacks or complete heart failure. A 30 minute daily walk is enough to kick start an active and healthy lifestyle and secure oneself from the risk of heart disease.


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