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Upcoming Malayalam Actress Meera Nandan

Updated on October 14, 2009

Meera Nandan is one of upcoming actress of Telugu cinema Meera Nandan. She has very good slim figure I think she will do proper dieting and weight loss program to keep her body maintained and slim.Meera Nandan started her career through the popular reality show, Idea Star Singer which was telecasted on famous Indian channel Asianet. Her first film was Malayalam film call Mulla. Now she is becoming more stable in the cinema and here are some film which will In theaters very soon Currency, Valmiki , Puthiya Mukham, Kadhalukku Maranamillai, Pathaamnilayile Theevandi, Ayyanar, Pulliman, Attakadha, Naanum En Sandhyavum.She is actually very talented actress and she has huge potential in performing such as romantic role to horror and glamour role to comedy roles. However she is well experienced and talented actress in Tamil and Malayalam film industry.

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    • profile image

      Sanjay Dixit 3 years ago

      Hello Meera,

      How are you? Want me to help you.....You need something from me??

      Please let me know on my e-mail ids

    • vijay758 profile image

      vijay758 3 years ago

      nalla assal charakku

    • profile image

      Sanjay Dixit 4 years ago

      Meera, I need love. I want family, I want children.......

      are you ready for it with me....

    • profile image

      Janu 4 years ago

      Ivaleyorthu vaanam vidan entha sugam

    • profile image

      vijay758 5 years ago

      i want to marry u..........

    • profile image

      raja 5 years ago

      i want to fu?k meera

    • profile image

      Sharanya 5 years ago

      Hi, Chechy ne Pavada ittu kaanan nalla bhangi undu.. It Suites U.. Ellam Pavada um .. Like Pattu pavada, Mini Skirt short skirt etc.. Ithil ethu pavada ittalum u r so beautiful ... Luv U

    • profile image

      meenu 6 years ago

      vijay njan skit itt vannal mattiyoo?

    • vijay758 profile image

      vijay758 6 years ago

      like to see u in short skirt

    • profile image

      ben 7 years ago

      she is pretending like a super actress.I dont know, what she is doing in cinema.poor acting.

    • profile image

      chinnu 7 years ago

      she is not a good actress.not compare with Manju & Revathy pleaseeeeeeee

    • profile image

      jvn 7 years ago

      i like your acting. you don't act glamourus. you so beautiful. retta sadai is beautiful stills in ayyanar.

      you will become good actress in cinima's.

    • profile image

      hari 7 years ago

      hai meera nandan my name is hari your photos is beatiful

    • profile image

      babu mon 7 years ago

      she is not a good actress. If she act in sexy roll she will become a super star.

    • profile image

      Nithin 7 years ago

      What a bore actress. She has no facial expressions in acting. How dare to compare her with manju warrier & revathy

    • profile image

      sucker 7 years ago

      she doesnt know wht is acting.revathyyyyy....manju warrier...dont compare this stupid girl with those good actors.

    • profile image

      Gayathri 7 years ago

      nice to see in pavada

    • profile image

      sexy roshan 7 years ago

      u r right sasiprasad

    • profile image

      sasiprasad 8 years ago

      she can become a good actress like revathy or manjuvariaor