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Upcoming Movies, September/October 2009

Updated on July 16, 2011

Do you know what movies will soon be coming to theatres? Or are you the type that just waits until they come out to find out what they are about. Well, here's some upcoming movies for the end of this month and next month.

September 09

Fame is to be released on September 25th. It is rated PG. This is a reinvention of the original. It follows a group of talented people over their four years at the New York City High School of Performing Arts.

Pandorum is to be released on the 25th as well. It is a horror movie that is rated R. This movie feature Dennis Quaid and it is a story about two astronauts that find themselves stranded on a spaceship and come to find that they are not alone.

Surrogates is one that I am looking forward to. It will also be released on the 25th and is a PG 13 action and thriller. It stars Bruce Willis and it is a story about people living their lives through robot surrogates. However, after a murder is committed after years of no murders, FBI agent Greer must abandon his own surrogate in order to find the truth.

There are many other movies that will be coming out in limited places. However these are the ones that are going to be shown all over the US.

October 09

The Invention of Lying- A PG 13 Comedy/ Romance that is set to be released on October 2nd. This movie takes place in an alternate reality where lying doesn't exist.

Whip It- To be released on October 2nd. An action/comedy/drama directed by Drew Barrymore is about a rebellious teenager and the world of roller derby.

Zombieland- October 2nd. It is a comedy horror about what? A world full of Zombies. Who knew they could make a zombie comedy. It actually looks hilarious.

Couples Retreat- October 9th. A PG 13 comedy based on four couples that go to a tropical island.

Law Abiding Citizen- A rated R phychological thriller to be released on October 16. A man's wife and daughter are brutally murdered and years later he is killing and threatening to kill more until the broken justice system is fixed.

The Stepfather- October 16th. PG 13 horror/ thriller. Mother's new boyfriend has a dark secret.

Amelia- October 23rd, biography/drama that is rated PG. Amelia Earhart's story.

Astro Boy- October 23rd. PG animation. Astro Boy comes to the screen.

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant- October 23rd. It is an adventure/fantasy that is PG 13. Based off of a Popular series of books.

Saw VI- October 23, R. C'mon, another one?

The most anticipated one is Michael Jackson's This Is It. It is a behind the scenes view of himm preparing for the upcoming concert. It is to be released on the 28th and is rated PG.


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