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Upeksha Swarnamali: Sexy Sri Lankan Model Turned Politician

Updated on July 2, 2015

Upeksha Swarnamali

A picture from one of her most famous modeling assignments.
A picture from one of her most famous modeling assignments.

Personal details of Upeksha Swarnamali are hard to find, but here are the basic facts:

Name: Upeksha Swarnamali

Also Known As: Chanchala, Paba

Born: June 26, 1984

Husband: Mahesh Walawgamage

From Hot Sri Lankan TV star to Member of Parliament

Upeksha Swarnamali is a Sri Lankan model who became popular for her song "Chanchala." Today she is famous for her role in the popular television drama Paba. She won the hearts of many young men when she participated in the reality TV show Sirasa Dancing Stars.

After some of her modeling photo shoots, she became so famous there were Facebook fan pages created in her honor. Her looks played a big part in her fame, but many consider her to be an excellent actress as well.

Swarnamali ran for and won a seat in the Sri Lankan Parliament in 2010. She created controversy during an interview on the popular TV show 360 in Sri Lanka, when she admitted that she does not know much about the Sri Lankan constitution. She was in news again when was admitted to the hospital after her husband beat her. However, her injuries were not major. Since the incident she has vowed to fight domestic violence in Sri Lanka.

One of Upeksha's Biggest Political Blunders

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Upeksha Swarnamali Wedding Video


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  • Jhangora profile image

    Dinesh Mohan Raturi 7 years ago from Dehradun

    Really like her full figure ...

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    niroshan 7 years ago

    hi miss Wow

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    lakmini 7 years ago

    you aren't too sexy like me.

  • profile image

    Sashi 7 years ago

    I don't think she is what you would call gorgeoues... she is good looking as a sri lankan but when you compare her with the indian actresses shes nothing rather... but shes sweet ...Cheers best of luck to her :)))

  • profile image

    Lasantha 7 years ago

    Upeksha Swarnamali is the darling of Sinhala TV in her role as "Paba" and is what any man could wish for in a girl-friend or wife. She is the sweetest thing that happened...she appeals to most tastes and styles..Best wishes to her!!

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    dinuka 7 years ago


  • profile image

    sky 7 years ago

    i like you .i like u r voice

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    She is a very sweet looking girl! Great hub!

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    sudu 7 years ago

    i like ur legs

  • profile image

    Madusanka  7 years ago

    i Love You upeksha Your my Dreem come Thru

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    madusanka 7 years ago

    Hello Upeksha I Like Your Face

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    azmie 7 years ago

    ilove yo

  • mplgmg profile image

    mplgmg 7 years ago from Sri Lanka,Colombo

    Wow nice photos with hot details

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    urphotos good nice photos 7 years ago

    ur photos are good nice sexy bphotos

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    lalith 8 years ago

    Do not stop at getting on to stage get on to the bed also(with SF)

  • rumbling profile image

    Nishadha Silva 8 years ago from Sri Lanka

    Pretty hard to find a Sri Lankan who doesn't ;)

  • profile image

    bale 8 years ago

    i like her so much