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Using Dish Anywhere On Android Tablets And Smartphones

Updated on December 12, 2014

Dish Anywhere For Android

Dish Anywhere is available for free on Android and can be used by all Dish customers.
Dish Anywhere is available for free on Android and can be used by all Dish customers. | Source

Take Your TV On The Go With Dish Anywhere

Have you ever been on a trip away from home? Maybe on a business, road or plane trip and at some point on the way, maybe your ebooks or iPod lose their appeal and you find yourself bombarded with boredom or heaven forbid, video games no longer hold your kids' attention anymore. If you have an Android tablet, you can download the free Dish Anywhere app to gain access to lots of great on demand content from HBO and other premium movie channels. And if you have a receiver such as the Hopper with Sling connected to the internet at home, either via Wi-Fi or plugged into your cable or DSL modem, and have access to Wi-Fi wherever you're using your tablet, you will also be able to connect to your Hopper away from home to stream live TV and DVR recordings to watch while you're away from home. Not going to have connection to the internet while traveling or where you're going? Don't worry, there is also a handy transfer option available for most tablets if you have a Hopper with Sling built-in to be able to take some recordings with you stored on your tablet!

Quick Facts About Dish Anywhere

  • Dish Anywhere is free to all Dish customers
  • Streaming Live TV and DVR recordings requires an internet connection at home, a compatible DVR receiver with Sling adapter or Sling technology built-in and internet access for your mobile device.
  • DVR Transfers requires and Hopper with Sling, the original Hopper and non-Hopper DVR receivers cannot support this feature.
  • You can have up to five (5) mobile devices authorized for use with Dish Anywhere at any given time. When discontinuing use of a device, such as when upgrading cell phones, it is advised to load the Dish Anywhere app and de-authorize it in the settings menu. Devices automatically de-authorize after 30 days of inactivity.
  • Some channels like HBO only allow a recording to be transferred by requiring the original recording to be deleted from the Hopper with Sling. Although you may re-record the same episode or movie again to get another copy.

Dish Anywhere Features

Screenshot of the program guide.
Screenshot of the program guide. | Source
Another screenshot of the program guide screen.
Another screenshot of the program guide screen. | Source
Screenshot of the DVR page, which displays what recordings are stored on your DVR receiver's internal hard drive.
Screenshot of the DVR page, which displays what recordings are stored on your DVR receiver's internal hard drive. | Source

What Can Dish Anywhere Do?

Dish Anywhere can do many things, even if you don't have a compatible or broadband connected receiver for the streaming and DVR transfer features. With any receiver from Dish Network, one can log into Dish Anywhere using their online ID and password to access a digital copy of their program guide for browsing and searching for shows as well as seeing the descriptions for episodes and movies. Away from home and forgot to set a recording for tonight's big game? No problem! From any Wi-Fi connected tablet or smartphone (yes, 3G and 4G will work as well), you can log into Dish Anywhere, tap on the program you forgot to record and then tap the record option. Dish Anywhere will relay the request to your receiver at home through your satellite antenna, even if your receiver isn't connected to the internet.

Dish Anywhere also allows one to access on demand content like movies and TV shows from movie channels like HBO so that customers subscribed to premium channels can watch their content over the web, even without having a Sling enabled receiver connected to the internet at home.

Now, one nice added benefit, if your tablet or smartphone supports it, you may be able to connect it to a TV for viewing live TV or DVR content remotely while you're traveling or on vacation. For this, you will have to check your tablet or smartphone's specs or with the manufacturer.

Dish Anywhere Hopper With Sling Transfers

The transfer information under Dish Anywhere settings, basically it shows how much storage you're already using with all apps as well as any transferred recordings and how much storage is left.
The transfer information under Dish Anywhere settings, basically it shows how much storage you're already using with all apps as well as any transferred recordings and how much storage is left. | Source
A recording preparing to be transferred, showing a progress indicator.
A recording preparing to be transferred, showing a progress indicator. | Source
Playing back a transferred recording from Dish Anywhere.
Playing back a transferred recording from Dish Anywhere. | Source

Transfer Recordings To Your Tablet Or Smartphone

My favorite feature of Dish Anywhere is the "Transfers" feature, which allows you to transfer recordings to tablets and smartphones to take with you on the go, even without a connection to the internet where you will be at or are going to. You can transfer recordings to up to five devices, if said devices all support the transfer feature. One thing to keep in mind, some network channels like HBO have a license agreement with Dish to allow customers one individual copy of a show or movie to be recorded and then transferred. This means that an episode of, for example Game of Thrones, can be transferred from the Hopper with Sling to one other device, deleting the original copy from the Hopper's hard drive with no way of transferring back. However, reading between the lines, HBO doesn't require Dish to prevent you from recording that same episode again, either for transferring purposes or to keep on your Hopper at home, the rule only applies to the individual copy or recording of an episode, not the episode itself.

The "Transfers" option is relatively simple to use. While at home, with any tablet or smartphone that transferring is supported on that is connected to Wi-Fi while your Hopper with Sling is also connected to the internet at home, either over Wi-Fi or plugged into your internet service provider's modem or router, you simply open Dish Anywhere, tap the DVR or My DVR option at the bottom or top of your device's screen. The location may differ depending on the device. Then tap any recording that you would like to transfer to your device and tap Transfer to Device. Your Hopper will then prepare the recording, as in, it converts or re-records it into a format appropriate for mobile devices. Once that process is complete, if your tablet or smartphone is still connected to Wi-Fi, the recording will then be downloaded and stored on your device's internal storage. When you would like to watch the recording from your tablet or smartphone, open Dish Anywhere and tap "Transfers" and any recordings you have transferred will be displayed to select from for watching.

Depending on the amount of internal storage your device has, you will be able to take at the very least two or three recordings with you on your trip to watch anywhere without connecting to the internet. Devices with larger internal storage will obviously be able to store more recordings. It is worth noting that at the present time Dish Anywhere isn't able to make use of external storage such as on a microSD card, although that potentially could be addressed in a future update, making the app more beneficial for customers who would like to bring more content on the road.


The source of the information presented and the images used in this Hub are from my own experiences with the Hopper with Sling receiver I have installed in my own home. I work for Dish Network, however any opinions I present do not represent the opinions of Dish Network. I will not respond to or voice my opinion on company policies, incentives, channel takedowns, or political opinions. Any such requests will be ignored.

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