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Using Internet Radio for Parties

Updated on August 30, 2016

Internet Radio- the Perfect DJ

Over the air radio can be amazing as a source of information and entertainment when you are driving. This is especially true when you are listening for traffic and news.

When entertaining, you do not want to hear DeeJay's talking about the events? Do you want to be reminded of the latest news events? I don't choose that for my events.

Internet radio stations have come a long way from their beginnings when it was merely sharing what was being broadcasts on local stations to the entire world. Sites have come up that offer their programming, some with commercials, and some commercial free for a small fee.

By making a few selections and investing as little as five minutes, you can have a custom radio station that expresses the mood that you are trying to create for your guests.


Just Press Play

Once you have chosen your internet radio site, created or selected a station, you will want to make sure that your computer has great speakers attached or that your Mp3 player has great speakers.

There are many options available in all sizes, colors and budget ranges. The speakers that I chose were rated well, compact in size, and brightly colored. I hooked them up for a test run two weeks before the event and used them many times. It would have been really inconvenient to have speakers that did not work or perform well on the night of my big event.

I made a point to test the volume of my speakers when doing things like running the blender and the vacuum cleaner to simulate the sound of many people talking. That gave me a good idea of my computer speakers' abilities.

I also chose a speaker that had a remote control. That turned out to be a really great choice, because I was able to control the volume of the speakers from anywhere in the room. I also checked this before my party, to make sure that there were no dead spots. I purchased an extra battery since the remote was powered by a small watch battery.

I selected the channels on the internet radio that I had created and gave them each a test go. I was pleased to see that everything I had created played well, with very little or low incidence of repeated songs.

All done with my testing, on the night of the party, I started the radio on the internet 30 minutes before my first guests arrived. It was as simple as just pressing the play button on the site of my choice.


Have a Backup Plan

If all things go well, your evening and your music will flow effortlessly.

You should have a music backup plan, though, in case your internet service is interrupted, your music site is down, or your computer speakers do not work. I had an MP3 player ready to go, fully charged and loaded with backup music. Check to make sure that your speakers do not require additional batteries before the night of your party. If they do, purchase some and place them near the speakers so that you don't have to search for them on the big night!

I ended up not needing the MP3 player, and many of my guests commented on the great selections that I had made in music. It was a really fun night!



Sometimes in spite of everything, you cannot get the speakers to function correctly or you cannot get the music to play properly.

There are many online providers of music.

Some of them are:

I heart radio


Apple Music

There are many more, but go through and select one that serves your needs well. I have used all three of the above listed services and have created flawless radio stations on all of them with very few problems.

When I was unable to get the station to come in clearly, here are some of the things that I did to fix my problems. Hopefully, this will help you as well.

  1. Have a good charge on the device that you are using. Whether laptop, mp3 player, iPod or other, you don't want the device to have a low charge.
  2. Remove all other devices other than computer and mp3 player from your network during the party. You can do this by temporarily changing the password and only giving the new password to the devices that you will be using for the party. As soon as your party is over, change the password back and update your devices to the correct password.
  3. Do the devices that you are using have a good signal? If not, work to improve this.
  4. Are you running a lot of other programs or background applications? Close these applications down until after your party is over.
  5. Does the station you selected still exist? Some stations are made only for a season or as a tie in with a promotion. Make sure that the station still exists and if it does not, select another station.
  6. Are you in a region that supports your player? When I went from USA to UK and then Russia I had to get players or update settings to work in the region that I was in.
  7. Can you play the speaker without the internet station attached to it? It is the station. Can you play the station without the speaker? It is the speaker.
  8. No internet signal means no station.

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