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VR Can Make Sure That Grandparents Never Miss a Family Get Together

Updated on October 27, 2017

Family events

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR is the creation of a computer simulation of the world that users can be part of and interact with) may play a big part in the success of a special social affair, by bringing families together. For many seniors and those who have a mobility problem, this may be the best way to travel in the future.

Just think of it, the whole family can stay home if they want and meet in the virtual world. Don’t worry you can still have the same problems you have when you physically attend a social gathering. Someone can still have too much egg nog or show up late. But for now, we are talking about this being a great way to keep individuals who would have a hard time making the trip be part of the important moments.

Here is a social meeting sample, and as you can see some of the applications are in a very basic mode where the avatars are pretty much stick figures. But for those who can accept the high cost and are not in a hurry, Microsoft HoloLens is ahead, for a full 3d augmented experience.

Sample meeting


Augmented reality the combination of virtual reality and real life

With a $3,000 price tag you can see your friends and loved ones with a more realistic appearance. That way you can have the pleasure of checking out this year’s bad sweater, worn by your guest. Augmented reality (AR) is the combination of virtual reality and real life. And there are other goodies that will be coming along with AR, like having your own virtual media center, where you can watch live streaming events, and because of its portable head mounted display (HMD) gear, monitors, touch pads, mouse, and the mobile phone may become obsolete.

Another benefit of social VR and social AR is that the family can communicate more. Senior family members can pass on family history, also, for those who are the planners and cooks for family events, they may receive the biggest benefit, no big clean up.

For now, many investors see the future of VR and are empowering companies to come up with even more ideas that could include: virtual or 3d augmented doctors, virtual classes, virtual court, and yes a virtual DMV.


Hololens at work


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