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Vaaranam Aayiram Review

Updated on November 23, 2011


Direction                : Gautham Vasudev Menon

Production             : Oscar Films & A Photon Factory

Music                      : Haris Jayaraj

Cinematographer     : Rathnavelu

Art Director               : Rajivan

Editor                        : Anthony

Stills                          : Saravan Raj

Cast                          : Suriya, Sameera Reddy, Divya Spandana and Simran 

The coming days are for Suriya. Yes Vaaranam Aayiram is now in theatres. The film was started in 2006 and was expected to release for Deepavali. How ever the film is getting good response. Suriya and Gautham Menon is back for another blast after Khaka Khaka.

Gautham Menon the eminent Director who is thinking differently in Tamil Film Industry presents a filim that is bleesed with variety. This is a cool story which contains many phases and Suriya completly adapted with each phase beautifully. No usual masalas or super natural powers for the hero. The film closely describes differnt phases in life and the changes that brings in our behaviours. The film starts with the introduction of Senoir Suriya (Krishnna) who is a strong personality. His wife is Malini (Simran). Their son Surya (suriya) is a major in Indian Armed Force. Krishna was suffering from throat cancer which causes his death. The real story starts from there. It nicely narrates three love stories with life struggles. First one being between Krishna and Malini, the second one between Suriya and Meghna (Sameera Reddy) and the Last one between Suriya and Priya ( Divya Spandana). Really a nice film which keeps the same mood and interst from the beginning towards the end.

Suriya had done much hard work as well ashome work for this dream project. And he will be happy seeing that his efforts are becoming fruitful. The Senior Suriya was extremelly good in his acts and manners. Never we got the feeling that he was Suriya, congrats man. And it will be so bad if not mentioned about his six packed body. Wow we can say definitely not only in south in India but all over India there won't be another hero who has such a good physic. And speaking about that young charming college boy, heard that Suriya controlled his diet for 3 months!. Great commitment. Each phase seems to be extremely different and perfect. The make up man also should be appreciated, he really did a good job especially Suriya's Kashmiri youth looked so original that none will say he is not a Kasmiri. Suriya may be expecting an award for his efforts and definitely he deserves it.  

And about the music, Haris Jayaraj repeated his magic this time also. Stunning songs that have alredy became hits. And they looks even more cute while seeing the movie. The movie ends with a commando operation whichproves that Gautham Menon has the talent to take a good miltary movie also. Major Ravi  helped Suriya in his ''Major'' role.

Don't go with over expectations to see a usual tamil movie. But to see the real story of life which creates some concerns about our future and warn you about the bad sides of life and above eveything cute narration of love and reality. 


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    • profile image

      vishnu 6 years ago

      varanam ayiram a vry gud movie i like it surya done a very gud job he is a genius but vijay is a useless

    • profile image

      Mithun 6 years ago

      It is a class movie. But illaya thalapathy is our hero

    • profile image

      Lijo Reji (aylara) 6 years ago

      Suryaaaa keyyy...........

    • profile image

      pavithra 6 years ago

      oh its wow

    • profile image

      karthi 6 years ago


    • profile image

      hhh 6 years ago

      hai im elsh shaju john . this film is a movie which is worth to watch.

    • profile image

      archana vikky 7 years ago

      I like very much surya .he is my brother

    • profile image

      Ransel 7 years ago

      Varanam aayiram songs hit a lot .in the first half of the film it will be interesting but in the second half it will be bore.

    • profile image

      girishkumar 7 years ago

      varanam aayiram is the worlds no 1 movie my favorite film i love this movie no one can bet surya

    • profile image

      Vino5 7 years ago

      World is king SURIYA The very good movie (VA)

    • profile image

      Rajesh Kumar 8 years ago

      First of all i submit my thanks to Great Director GAUTHAM VASUDEV MENON , I hope u are the Best Director for coming daya and for the Future. VARANAM AAYIRAM is my Favourite Flm For ever , i cant forget this flm till my breathes end.and I LOVE SURIYA VERY VERY VERY MUCH , im ur the most and best fan for ever SURIYA. I lOVE U SURIYA.

    • ayurveda profile image

      Reeshil N 9 years ago

      Yaa definitely the movie looks slow. But it is the nature of this movie. But if you got the real feeling of the movie you will never feel it is slow.

    • hubber-2009 profile image

      hubber-2009 9 years ago from India

      I heard that the movie is very slow... because of its heavy screenplay..