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Valerie Howard's Guide to African Movies & Nollywood

Updated on July 29, 2011

Introduction to Nollywood

My love for Nollywood soared after I discovered there was an entire film industry that was successfully created by African people, which is totally arts driven and independent. As quiet as it has been kept, this industry stretches worldwide and is prevalent here, but we wouldn’t know about it. After seeing my first film, I knew I had to know more about it.

Realizing how much I was in the dark about African movies, I recognized I was not alone. After asking around, I uncovered American people, especially African Americans in general, also never heard of Nollywood.

I felt somehow after I started collecting these wonderful films, that it was my calling, and my duty to share with open-minded people about an industry that is relevant to all of us, and to share with them how common folks have created a viable industry that is just as valuable as Hollywood.

African movies are not your National Geographic depictions of Africans. On the contrary, they show you things you never knew about Africa, which includes high fashion, fine houses, and educated people. Their movies are about all of us, scandalous and intriguing. But in hindsight, their movies reflect upon all human shortcomings. You don’t have to be black or African to appreciate these beautifully told stories. They are modern and deal with the issues of our times. Not everything is about suffering or poverty. So many of you would ask, “Really, African movies? What could they possibly have to say to me?” EVERYTHING…

The truth is, their movies do not put people down, or show people in a bad light, (like making negative references about other races) and they avoid all stereotypes, nudity and profanity. The beauty of their films is that they can be viewed in front of children. Even though the topic could be taboo, they handle sex and other adult situations maturely, and don’t dwell on certain factors.

Their continuity is superb and their story lines are excellent. (I have over 1100 films and no two stories repeat themselves, amazing!)

Because I am so passionate about a good story, I have to say the Africans have surpassed all industries when it comes to telling a touching, realistic tale that stays with you. Despite what the topic is, whether it is greed, unfaithfulness or abuse, they deal with all of it without pulling any punches. Now these movies are not always sad. In fact they have love stories, suspense, lots of dramas and everything imaginable, they have made a movie about it.

I created this blog, and I am really unsure if I’ll find open-minded people that would be interested in finding out about something that is totally out of the ordinary, and frankly, a best kept secret, but I will try.

Sharing lots of information with you about Nollywood, allows everyone to see how much we as black people are no different from anyone else, despite where we are from, and neither is anyone else for that matter. Although this industry concentrates on African based principles, those principles are the basics and backbone of who we all are as a human race.

This industry has managed to grow because of the efforts made by a few and who have the support of millions because of the fabulous movies to their credit. If you were curious about seeing an African movie, I would recommend that you visit any local African store, or go on line to the and order Passion of the Soul, Only Love, Royal Palace or Crazy Scandals. Any one of these movies you will be amazed by, and you’ll certainly become addicted. And keep in mind these movies are relatively cheap compared to other commercial DVD’s for sale.

For those of you who are aware of these films, this week picks are: Pleasures and Escorts, Statement of Account, Wife Material, Blindlust and Criminal Law.

Until next week, please check out my website, Thank you!


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    • profile image

      Nollywood Forever 6 years ago

      Hey Valerie I don't know if you found me but my blog is

      Hope to see you there!

    • Valerie Howard profile image

      Valerie Howard 6 years ago from Fort Lee, NJ

      Nollywood Forever...I am trying to find you...Please send me a direct link to you. Thanks! I want to keep up with you as well.

    • Valerie Howard profile image

      Valerie Howard 6 years ago from Fort Lee, NJ

      Nollywood Forever, thanks for the information and I will make sure I do that. I know exactly what you're saying. I have over 1100 films and I probably have the only two new copies of "Fulani" in the NJ area! I have a FB page where I make recommendations on upcoming new releases, make sure you follow me, here as well, as I will have more Nollywood info, and do check out my website and book. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Nollywood Forever 6 years ago

      Great to fine this page. I too am a relatively new Nollywood fanatic. I discovered Nollywood 4 years ago and ever since its been some straight up addiction... With some glitches in the road. I have a Nollywood movie review blog. You should come check it out!

    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      An interesting and informative hub. You have expressed yourself well on a topic that not many know about. Nice job!