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Vampire Diaries -- A Bite Of Eternal Life And Death

Updated on April 29, 2011

Klaus' witch Maadox is going around town causing mayhem. He compels Tyler's mother to call him and tell him she'd fallen and was hurt and needed him to come back home. Then she asks why she did that, and Maadox gives her a giant shove down the stairs to make what she said to Tyler true.

Elijah says Klaus must drink of Elena's blood to the point of death and that he hopes the elixir he has will resurrect her, but he's not sure. Damon still thinks Bonnie should sacrifice herself to kill Klaus and says he'll give her a nice eulogy. Elena says that's not an option and she trusts Elijah. Alaric shows up to say the sacrifice is tonight. 

Matt is starting to think Caroline might still be Caroline, but the sheriff tries to squelch that idea by saying her daughter is a monster. She wants to continue to use Caroline for all the information she can get out of her, but Matt thinks they should be going after Damon, instead.

While Alaric and Jenna are having a romantic reunion, Elena goes to Damon to try and make her understand why she's doing what she's doing. Damon says he can't lose her and there's another way to make sure it doesn't happen. He suddenly bites his wrist and forces Elena to drink his blood. Stefan comes in and shoves Damon away from Elena, but it's too late. Damon says he just did to Elena what Stefan doesn't have the guts to do. They get into a fight and Damon stabs Stefan. Elena orders Damon to get out. 

Elijah tells Damon that Elena will never forgive him for what he's done to her. That if Elena dies, she'll now become a vampire. Strangely enough, Elijah doesn't seem all that upset about what Damon did. Damon takes off and meets up with Alaric. He tells Alaric he messed up big time. Klaus suddenly shows up and brags he has all the ingredients he needs for his ritual. Then he warns Damon not to do anything to mess with his plans. Of course, that just makes Damon decide to mess with his plans.

Tyler arrives at the hospital to see his mother. As he's leaving he runs into Caroline. Maadox arrives and captures both Tyler and Caroline to use for the sacrifice.

He gets Alaric to invite him in to Klaus' place and Damon wants to know where Klaus is keeping his werewolf. She refuses to tell him anything, until he tells her what he did to Elena and says if Elena dies she and Katherine can spend eternity fighting for Stefan. She tells him Caroline and Tyler are being kept in the tomb and Damon goes to rescue them. 

Outside the tomb Damon gets into a fight with Maddox and it looks like Maadox is going to win, only Matt shows up and shoots Maadox. Damon thanks him by knocking him out and discovers he's got wooden bullets in his gun. He goes inside the tomb and frees Caroline and tells her she has some explaining to do, revealing Matt had wooden bullets in his gun. Caroline makes Damon also set Tyler free. They wake Matt up and the foursome try to get Tyler somewhere safe before he turns into a werewolf because the full moon is rising.

Stefan takes Elena to see a waterfall in the woods and gets her to climb to the top in hopes she'll tell him how she feels. Stefan says Damon did what he did because he loves her. Elena says Damon doesn't know anything about love, and questions if she does, either. She says she loves Stefan, but she's only seventeen. She wants to grow-up and have children. She doesn't want to be a vampire and never did.

Klaus comes home and seems to sense someone else was there while he was gone. He decides to test Katerina to make sure she's still compelled. He tells her to take off her bracelet and to stand in the sunlight. She does and the sun burns her, convincing Klaus she's still under his spell. Then he tells Katerina there's something he wants her to do for him.

Tyler starts to transform into a wolf before they can get him safely locked up where he'll do no one no harm. He lunges at Damon and attacks him. Damon tells Matt and Caroline to run.

Klaus comes for Elena. She and Stefan share a last kiss and say they love each other. Then Elena tells Stefan to close his eyes and when she opens them, he's gone.  Damon calls Stefan to tell him he managed to stop the ritual by rescuing Caroline and Tyler, but Stefan tells him it's too late. She left with Klaus. Damon says he'll handle this.

He comes to Klaus and tells him he's messed up his plan. Not so fast. Klaus already has a back-up werewolf and vampire. He shows Damon he has Jules to use as the sacrifice. Then he knocks Damon out. When Damon wakes up he wants to know why Klaus isn't using him for the sacrifice and she says it's because Klaus says Damon is as good as dead. That's when Damon realizes Tyler bit him. Then Katherine says she's sorry, Klaus made her do what she did to Jenna.

In the place where the sacrifice is to take place Elena finds Jenna on the ground and she's dead. Suddenly Jenna sits up and Elena is told Jenna is going through the transition period of becoming a vampire.

Meanwhile, Matt and Caroline are being chased by Tyler. They lock themselves in the cage Tyler was going to lock himself in. Caroline tries to get through to Tyler and he lunges at her.

This episode leaves a lot to chew on like:

How can Elena now work as the doppelganger when her blood is now tainted with Damon's blood and it's her pure blood Klaus needs for his ceremony to work?

Damon's been bitten by a werewolf and that means death to a vampire, usually, but Klaus is about to have his ceremony to set his dormant werewolf side free and the blood he's going to drink to do it is tainted with Damon's blood. Could that turn Damon into a hybrid?

Could Damon have been manipulated by the brothers Klaus and Elijah? First Elijah isn't upset by what Damon did to Elena and tells him she'll never forgive him so perhaps he'll want to do something to get her to forgive him. Then Klaus shows up and tells Damon he has all his ingredients and not to do anything to try and mess things up for him. It's almost like they were egging Damon on to do just what he did.

It would be the ultimate irony. Damon forced Elena to drink his blood making her become a vampire if she dies. Then Tyler bit Damon after Damon had rescue him and Caroline. If the ritual Klaus performs make Damon a werewolf and a vampire, then what Damon tried to force on Elena has been forced on him.


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