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Vampire Diaries -- Bonnie vs. Klaus

Updated on April 14, 2011

While the school is preparing for a 60's themed dance, Klaus is plotting the death of Bonnie.

Klaus tells Katherine he's going to kill her slowly since he's been searching for her for so long. He compels her to stab herself in the leg over and over again. He also compels her to tell him that Bonnie may not have lost her powers, after all. 

Elena now owns the Salvatore house. She invites Stefan in, but makes Damon work for it before she'll let him enter. Damon wonders to Stefan if Klaus has killed Katherine and says if he has, she deserves it.

Bonnie tells Jeremy she can take Klaus. Jeremy worries about what will happen to her and mentions that bad luck he's had with girlfriends dying on him.

Matt visits the sheriff. She tells him to take Caroline to the school dance. To act like he doesn't remember anything, but Matt says he'll never be able to fool Caroline. He's wrong, he does a fine job of fooling her. She doesn't suspect a thing.

In class, Klaus posing as Alaric, sucks as a teacher. He grasps for things from the sixties that he remembers. He compels a girl to come up to Elena to say that Klaus will be at the school dance and to save the last dance for him.

Klaus is able to enter the Salvatore house without in trouble while the gang brainstorms on how to deal with Klaus. Bonnie demonstrates her powers by throwing Damon across the room. Later, Klaus vows to kill Bonnie. Maadox says Bonnie will kill herself trying to kill him, and that he needs to provoke Bonnie into trying to kill him. He'll take steps to make sure Alaric's body outlasts Bonnie's.

Jeremy wants Bonnie to wear his ring to protect her, but she says it wouldn't work on her. 

When Elena enters the dance with Stefan, it's announced that Klaus has dedicated a song to Elena. Damon, thinking he's talking to Alaric, offends Klaus by saying he's not impressed by Klaus' antics.

Damon dances with Elena, while Stefan goes to fill Caroline in on what's going on. Matt asks what's going on, but she doesn't tell him a thing. Then Damon dances with Bonnie and asks if it's true that she'll die taking on Klaus, and says shouldn't she be able to increase her odds with all that power?

Jeremy tells Stefan the truth, that Bonnie will die if she takes on Klaus. Stefan goes to Elena and tells her. And Elena confronts Bonnie about it. Elena says she won't let Bonnie do it, but Bonnie asks if the situation was reversed, wouldn't Elena do the same for her?

Elsewhere Klaus is causing trouble when he gets a bunch of boys to start beating up Jeremy. Stefan and Damon arrive and Damon gets shot with a wooden arrow. Stefan sends Damon to protect Elena. Meanwhile, Klaus runs up to Elena and Bonnie saying Klaus has Jeremy and to come with him. They follow, and Klaus finally reveals who he really is.

Damon arrives and tells Elena to go get Stefan. Then he tells Bonnie he has a plan.

Bonnie returns to face Klaus. As she fights him, her nose begins to bleed. When Stefan and Elena arrive, Bonnie keeps them out so they don't interfere in what she must do. Unfortunately, she doesn't succeed. Klaus escapes while Bonnie falls to the ground dead. Damon arrives to take care of Bonnie's body. He also runs into Jeremy and breaks the news to him.

Elena says it's her fault Bonnie is dead. When Damon arrives, she slaps him. Damon tells her it had to appear that Bonnie was dead, so Klaus wouldn't be a threat to her, and that Bonnie is very much alive. Then he walks away from her. Meanwhile, Jeremy reunites with Bonnie.

Stefan corners Damon wanting to know he didn't fill him in. Damon says it's because Stefan is a blabbermouth who would have told Elena. Then he twists the knife by saying while Stefan is working on all the relationship stuff he'll be the one that keeps Elena alive. 

Elena apologizes for slapping Damon, and wants to know if he'd really let Bonnie sacrifice herself to save her.Damon says he'll always choose Elena. After he leaves, Elena takes things into her own hands, by going to where Elijah's body is and pulling the wooden stake out of him. She no doubt hopes Elijah will kill Klaus so Bonnie won't die.

I know most people like Tyler/Caroline but I prefer Matt/Caroline. Tyler let Caroline be tortured and did nothing to help her. Yes, Matt has betrayed Caroline to her mother, but any normal human being would have done the same.

I still wish Damon could fall in love with someone else, since I think he deserves better than Elena. The VD triangle reminds me of Lost one. Even thought Sawyer/Kate had better chemistry, Lost had Kate end up with Jack. And most likely the same thing will happen on VD. Even though Damon/Elena have better chemistry, it'll probably always be Stefan/Elena.


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