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Vampire Diaries -- The Awful Truth

Updated on April 22, 2011

The episode picks up where we left off with Elena pulling the dagger out of Elijah and resurrecting him. When Elijah first wakes up he thinks Elena is Katerina aka Katherine. It's obviously he was in love with her. In short, the Salvatore brothers weren't the first brothers that Kat was the love object of. Katerina was the first doppelganger that was supposed to be sacrificed to break the curse on Klaus. This was before she was turned into a vampire. Kat was in love with Klaus, but when he was all hot and cold with her, she ran away, and Elijah promised to find her. However, being in love with Kat, himself, Elijah wanted to save her.  My guess is Elijah turned her into a vampire to save her from being the sacrifice to break Klaus' curse.

Once Elijah's up on his feet, Elena takes off with him. He tells her Klaus is his brother, half-brother, actually. Klaus and Elijah's mother was a vampire, but his father was a werewolf. The witches cursed him so his werewolf side would remain dormant since it would make him too powerful of a creature being both vampire and werewolf. Klaus made up the curse of the sun and the moon, and the real curse Klaus is trying to break is to make him werewolf side no longer dormant. Elijah says if Klaus succeeds he could kill everyone.

Stefan and Damon find Elijah and Elena gone and put two-and-two together and come up with four. Elena calls and asks Stefan to trust her and for Damon to stay out of this. Damon claims to go along with that, but he and Andie find Katherine and he gives her some Wervain to ward off Klaus' control over her. 

Stefan tries to warn Jenna to stay away from Alaric, but she, of course, doesn't listen to him. When he drops by her house he finds Alaric with her. He starts spouting off about vampires and werewolfs and Jenna's had enough of that weird talk and decides to leave, but Klaus makes a move on her. To save her, Stefan reveals his vampire self in front of her. Afterwards, Stefan finally tells her the truth. When Elena comes to talk to Jenna, she's hurt everyone but her knew the truth.

Stefan taunts Damon about him being in love with Elena but brags Damon will never have the one thing he has with Elena, her respect. That causes the brothers to get in a fight, only broken up by the entrance of Elena and Elijah.

Klaus has his body brought to him and he's able to get back inside his body, while Alaric falls to the ground unconscious. Meanwhile, Elijah says he won't harm the Salvatore brothers if they both apologize to him. Stefan does, while Damon takes off telling them all where they can stick it.

He takes a chunk out of Andie's neck and then compels her to leave him before he ends up killing her.

Bonnie still is the only one that can kill Klaus, but Elena feels she's changed things by bringing Elijah back, but I'm not sure how she thinks that's true.

I also have to say I still don't like Stefan. I prefer Damon to him. Still think Stefan's a stiff, no pun intended.


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