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Vampire Diaries -- The Sacrifice

Updated on May 8, 2011

While Elena was billed as the official sacrifice, there were a lot of sacrifices in this episode. There was Jules and Jenna. There was John. There were also people who wanted to sacrifice themselves to save the ones Klaus had assigned the roles to. Damon, Stefan and Bonnie. There was also selfish betrayal by Katherine and Elijah.

Elena tried to explain to Jenna what had happened to her. Jenna told Elena that she had come to her and then she had been knocked out. Elena figured out it was Katherine who'd come to her. She also encouraged Jenna not to drink blood when Greta offered her up some, but Jenna drank from Greta and completed her transformation into a vampire.

Damon still wants to offer himself up as a replacement, but Katherine tells him because of the wolf bite his blood is tainted. Damon feels that Katherine betrayed him. He gave her vervain so she didn't have to do what Klaus told her to do, but she chose to do it, anyway. She said she had to or Klaus would no she wasn't compelled, but Damon says she simply chose herself. Katherine seems a bit miffed that Damon doesn't want to say goodbye to her. Damon calls Stefan and tells him that Klaus has Jenna and has turned her into a vampire.

Matt tells Caroline he's been faking it and that her mother knows she's a vampire. Caroline wants to know what her mother's going to do, and Matt replies her mother hates vampires.

John pays a visit to Damon wanting to know what's going on. John blasts Damon for not protecting Elena and says he ruined her life by feeding her his blood.

Stefan, Elijah and Alaric are waiting outside the tomb to fetch Bonnie. Stefan tells Alaric what's happened to Jenna and Stefan declares he's going to offer himself up as a replacement. Elijah says that Stefan is honorable, and Stefan asks Elijah if he is, too? Stefan should have been on his guard when Elijah didn't answer him, and said he wanted revenge on Klaus for destroying the bodies of his family.

Inside Jeremy finds something that could save Elena from becoming a vampire. John's all for the idea, while Damon is skeptical. When Damon learns Stefan has gone off to offer himself up as a sacrifice, he says, as usual, he'll have to clean up the mess his brother has made. Bonnie puts a spell on Jeremy and Alaric so they can't leave the tomb so they won't be hurt.

Jules is the first one that Klaus sacrifices. Stefan shows up before he can sacrifice Jenna and offers himself in her place. Both Jenna and Elena are touched by that fact. Klaus pretends he's thinking of agreeing to it and asks Elena to choose. Then he stakes Stefan in the back saying he has other plans for him.

Jenna goes down fighting as she bites Greta in the neck, but Klaus pulls Jenna off Greta and kills Jenna. Her blood is added to the pot of blood containing Jules blood. Then Klaus drains Elena and his transformation begins. Apparently, having vampire blood inside her, didn't stop Elena from being an impure doppelganger.  

Damon and Bonnie show up. Klaus shouts that Bonnie is supposed to be dead. When Greta makes a move to harm Bonnie, Damon snaps Greta's neck. While Bonnie is putting the whammy on Klaus, Damon picks Elena up in his arms and sets her down next to Stefan. Then he pulls the wooden stake out of Stefan's back. Stefan tells Damon to get Elena out of there.

Elijah moves in for his part of the kill Klaus plan and puts his hand inside Klaus' guts. Klaus begs for Elijah not to kill him and says he didn't destroy their families' bodies, but if Elijah kills him, he'll never find them. Elijah disappears with Klaus, betraying those who trusted him to kill his brother.

John leaves a letter for Elena behind and his ring as he does the spell to bind Elena's soul to his. As Elena wakes up John walks outside and falls to the ground dead. He apologizes for not being a good parent and tells her to give his ring to her child.

Matt tells Caroline he's got enough stuff going on in his life, and he can't deal with her being a vampire and walks out on her. Caroline tells Tyler that Matt dumped her and that Tyler should stay in town. 

After the funeral for Jenna and John takes place, Damon finally tells Stefan he's been bitten by a wolf and is going to die. He asks his brother not to tell Elena.

Did Klaus' ritual really work? It seemed like something was happening to him, but he didn't continue to transform into a wolf when Bonnie did the whammy on him. Is it really over for Matt and Caroline? And is Damon really going to die or will Stefan find some way to save his brother?


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