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Vampire Knight Anime Review

Updated on March 28, 2016


Yuki Cross/ Kuran- The main character of Vampire Knight. A girl who was born a vampire, turned into a human for her own safety, and was left parentless in the chill and snow of winter. Yuki was five years old when Kaname came to her rescue as she was trying to remember the world around her. Now fifteen years old, Yuki has been under the care of Kaien Cross, the headmaster of Cross Academy. Disciplinary Committee member.

Kaname Kuran- A pureblood vampire who's parents were murdered and was left to watch his younger sister from a distance in fear of harming her any further. Kaname would visit the headmaster's home to catch up with how Yuki was doing. At a young age, Kaname grew up as "Lord Kaname" as purebloods were rare among vampires. Even from the distance in between Yuki and him, Kaname has always deeply loved Yuki and waited agonizingly patiently for her to admit her feelings in return.

Zero Kiryu- After the deaths of his vampire hunter parents, Zero became cold and shut out anyone from learning about his past. When Yuki grew older, Zero was swept away from the scene of death and into the Cross household; shocking Yuki's world as she has only known Kaname, a nice, pacifist noted vampire. He has never agreed with the Headmaster's approach of co-existence among humans and vampires, following in his parent's footsteps as becoming a vampire hunter. Unfortunately, when the vampire Shizuka Hio killed his parents, she bonded with Zero, painfully and slowly descending him into a Level E. Disciplinary Committee Member.

Headmaster Kaien Cross- An ex-hunter who opened Cross Academy in attempt to promote that vampires and humans could peacefully co-exist. When he swore off hunting, Kaien Cross took Yuki and Zero as his "adopted children".

Sayori "Yori" Wakaba- Best friend to Yuki since they both started attending Cross Academy. Yori is oblivious to vampires living among the Day class yet knows Yuki monitors the campus grounds as Disciplinary Committee throughout the night. She knows when something is off with Yuki at nearly any time. When Sayori found out about the vampires, including when Yuki returned to being a pureblood Kuran, she didn't falter to inform Yuki that she would still be there for her.

Ichiru Kiryu- Twin brother to Zero who has always been bitter at the fact that Zero has been the hunter their parents had wanted them both to become. His jealousy and anger had fueled him to agree to working with Shizuka in hopes of being turned into a vampire, which only a pureblood can successfully do. Ichiru disappeared after the murder of his parents with Shizuka; determined to one day kill his twin brother.

Hanabusa Aido- Nicknamed "Idol" by the Day class girls, Hanabusa consumes the attention given willingly as he gives the Day class reasons to continue giving this attention. A Night class aristocrat vampire who worships Kaname as he is the heir to the Kuran vampire. Hanabusa is the heir to the Aido family yet has the tendency to push his limits among the presence of other vampires such as Kaname. When Hanabusa first met Yuki, he has attempted to drink her blood, trapping her foot in a cuff of ice. After other mentions of Yuki's blood, Kaname kept a watchful eye on Hanabusa. He is obsessive over the motives Kaname has during this anime.

Shizuka Hio- The infamous pureblood vampire involved with the Kiryu family tragedy, namely being the murderer. She targeted the Kiryu family after the parents had killed her human lover. Shizuka took Ichiru under her wing and allowed him to serve her in exchange for having someone who understood what it was like to feel isolated and alone. Having taken over the body of her distant relative Maria Kurenai, Shizuka registered as a new student of Cross Academy to keep a stern eye over Zero. In the end, Kaname caught onto her game, killing her when the twin brothers were busy trying to kill one another and, and absorbed her powers.

Yuki Cross
Yuki Cross | Source
Yuki Kuran
Yuki Kuran | Source
Kaname Kuran
Kaname Kuran | Source
Sayori Wakaba "Yori"
Sayori Wakaba "Yori" | Source
Ichiru Kiryu
Ichiru Kiryu | Source
Zero Kiryu
Zero Kiryu | Source
Hanabusa Aido
Hanabusa Aido | Source
Shizuka Hio
Shizuka Hio | Source
Headmaster Kaien Cross
Headmaster Kaien Cross | Source


Vampire Knight is a romantic vampire anime that focuses on the technicalities of vampire-human co-existence and the ruthless world between the two. Yuki and Kaname clash extremely well together with a pain staking love that feels as if the boundaries are too risky to break even though Kaname knows fully well who Yuki really is and is supposed to be: the wife to the heir of the Kuran family.

Since vampire society works completely different from human society, including morals, standards, and even their bodies, vampires of pureblood descent would tend to marry only another pureblood vampire as to keep the purest of vampire blood flowing; as is the case with Yuki and Kaname.

This anime is an animated yet altered version of Romeo and Juliet; they want to be together but in order for that to happen, they must make ground-breaking, irreversible risks. The risk of turning Yuki back into a vampire makes Cross Academy a target for the Vampire Society, Hunters Association, and all Level E's because that would mean the purest of pure vampire families is back in the running.

The characters were written, voiced, and portrayed as their personalities personified exactly. The vampires were well-mannered, level-headed, yet harbored darkness around them even in broad daylight. Zero suffered changing into a vampire, in turn making him hate himself, yet before that had taken place he had the shadow of his past barricading him at all times; making him a twisted heartthrob for most of Vampire Knight's fans.

Vampire Knight is an anime one can re-watch a dozen times and still be entranced by the world of vampires and heart-ache.

As a Series

Vampire Knight has been animated into two seasons: Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty.

Vampire Knight has nineteen volumes of manga as well.


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