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The System

Updated on March 21, 2016

The System

It was a sunny day in August when we arrived in Zoetermeer, a city south west of Amsterdam. We parked our car on a sandy parking lot next to a office building. Above the entrance of the building, which consisted out of raw beton, was written "Van Santen Technologies".

We were welcomed by a guy who guided us to a room. In the room stood three mainframes. In front of the room was a big screen. "After years of programming" he said "we managed to create something unique. We managed to create a system that is able to reproduce any given military confrontation from the past, from the battles of the Roman Emperors to the landing in Normandy."

"We reproduced the territory of Europe above the Alps in real time 3D. Thanks to this system we are able to predict possible future confrontations. Also we are able to measure the effects of different kind of weapons like a nuclear attack. The system runs on three mainframes equipped with the latest IBM microprocessor. The graphics are being produced by the newest VIA chip."

After the introduction he presented the system to us. Then it was time for lunch. A girl, whose name was Cathy, guided us through a number of corridors. There were thick electricity cables hanging everywhere. Last month he had delivered a system of the above mentioned type to Sweden, he said with a bit of pride. When we drove away we saw in the corner of the parking lot something we found suspicious: a dark brown Lancia which seemed to have a Russian number plate.


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