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VeggieTales: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's -- A Movie Review

Updated on October 22, 2015
VeggieTales: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's: The Story of a Prodigal Son
VeggieTales: The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's: The Story of a Prodigal Son

The reviewed movie -- an awesome Christian-based rendition of The Wizard of Oz for your kids' enjoyment and learning.


We are all familiar with the story of Dorothy’s trip to go see The Wizard of Oz and how she meets up with various characters who want to go see if the Wizard can grant them a wish. While the movie reinforces some basic values, it can be pretty scary to little kids and certainly wasn't created specifically with Christian values in mind. Well, the gang at Veggie Tales is about to change that.

VeggieTales is famous for creating fun, witty shows with a definite Christian moral for young people…don’t fool yourself, it may be aimed at young audiences, but all ages can enjoy these movies! Now in The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s we see the story of Darby. Darby (Junior Asparagus) lives on a floss farm in the middle of Kansas, and his most ardent wish is to leave the farm and find out what adventures the rest of the world might hold. However, the equipment used to harvest the floss keeps breaking down, and now the crop must be brought in by hand. For Darby, this means that he won't be able to go to an amusement park that's called "the funnest place on earth," The Land of Ha's.

Darby decides that, along with his pet pig Tutu, he's going to go anyway. When they duck into an old trailer for shelter from an oncoming tornado, Darby and Tutu are whisked away by the storm to a Munchie Land, a place that won't be found on any map. The trailer falls on the Munchie Muncher, a diabolical machine controlled by the bullies of the land, immediately elevating Darby to hero status. A helpful blueberry tells them to follow Old Yellow McToad, and he will lead them to The Land of Ha's. They meet a few strange friends along the way, and bring them along to go enjoy the rides and good food that the carnival has to offer. Now the question is, can Darby go home after he disobeyed his father and spent his entire life savings for a day in an amusement park?

You can't get a more purely Veggie story than this -- the prodigal son, set to the tune of The Wizard of Oz. The moral of the story is that our parents and God loves us no matter what we do. This VeggieTales DVD contained only one story, most have two or even three with one main story and a shorter one or two after that.

While previous Veggie Tales movies have been great for just about any age, it seems like these newer movies are trying to gear down to more specifically target younger viewers. While this may mean a small loss of interest for older viewers, it's still an entertaining movie for just about any age -- just maybe a bit more entertaining for the young ones, especially with Junior Asparagus' somewhat grating voice.

This VeggieTales contains a lot of very colorful scenery, and the interesting voices are enough to keep my son entertained. He started watching this movie when he was about three, and those facts about it were enough to hold his interest; now that he's five, he's better able to understand the moral behind the stories. I was first introduced to VeggieTales many years ago while helping babysit, and those intrigued me enough to continue the tradition with my own kids. These also make a great supplement to Sunday school lessons, or to Christian-centered preschool or younger homeschool lessons.

Does your kid love Veggie Tales? Please leave me a comment stating his/her favorite movie, and the age range you think it would be best for.


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