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Verdi's Aida's Music

Updated on March 22, 2016

The story of Aida takes place in the country of Egypt. This story is about a handful of different things but the most important thing is love. It is about a man who wants to become the hero of the war and wants to impress a slave named Aida. The only problem is, the Pharaoh has a daughter and the daughter loves this warrior. She suspects that the slave Aida is in the way of her and the warrior. It turns out that Aida is actually the daughter of the king of Ethiopia but nobody knows it. The king of Ethiopia started attacking Egypt with hope of saving his daughter, Aida. Eventually the Ethiopians lost and everyone found out that Aida is the daughter of the kind, so they were arrested. The war hero was very saddened by the news of Aida’s arrest, so he comes up with a plan to run away with her. Egyptians find out that this young warrior has been planning on running away with Aida and he is put on trial. The young warrior is really sad because he thinks that Aida has been killed. The judges condemns the young warrior to be buried alive. He obviously isnt very happy about the fact that he is going to be buried alive but he doesnt care that much anymore because he thinks that Aida is dead. But when he was waiting in his cell, waiting to be killed, Aida comes out. Aida was hiding in that same cell waiting for him. They cried together in the cell while they were waiting to be killed.

This was a very interesting opera. It was my first opera and I wasnt sure what I was getting myself into. I honestly thought that an opera would be mostly about the singing. I was and am very surprised at home much I didnt even notice the singing. The orchestra is what makes the opera and plays great. It is a great example of how music can play a huge role in setting the mood and effecting the audience's emotions. The opera would not be good if there wasnt an orchestra. The orchestra and the music is what makes it fun and exciting. The music goes perfectly with the acting and makes for a great show.


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