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Veronica Portillo is Pregnant: We're All Growing Up

Updated on June 13, 2015
Veronica in Her Road Rules Days
Veronica in Her Road Rules Days | Source

Veronica's Last Challenge, $14.99

Baby faced young Veronica Portillo
Baby faced young Veronica Portillo

Those of you who read my first article know how much of a Veronica fan I am. And last month it was revealed that Veronica Portillo is pregnant!-- which she verified on her own Twitter feed. It got me thinking.

I watched Veronica way back in 1999 on Road Rules: Semester at Sea, when Veronica was 21, when I was in my early 20s, and we both were in college -- carefree and fresh-faced.

Switch forward into the future and Veronica is now 34 years old and pregnant. People of this generation -- Generation X -- delay adulthood a bit, unlike our parents' generation. Usually we don't marry and have children until we are into our 30s, sometimes even 40s. We date, party, go on wild vacations, buy expensive clothes and shoes, and even go to grad school full-time -- just like we're in our 20s.

And that is not a bad thing. But when you hear that one of your reality idols is pregnant, it gets you thinking -- maybe we are all growing up now. The party girls and guys we all used to know are slowly getting married, having babies, buying houses. And we think -- wait, am I on the right track myself? Heck, I don't want to be left behind. If I am going to be partying in Cancun, it better be with a husband and not some guy I met at a club.

But even though Veronica will be a mama now, I will always remember her as the feisty sh*t starter. I will always remember her fight with Ayanna over allegedly stealing a paper, her friendship with Coral, her fights with Katie and Tonya, and her snuggling with Evan. Somehow, even though we've all moved on, we are all 21 years old -- forever. In reality, there is no reason to stop having fun when you grow up, you just have to do it in a more responsible, selfless way.

And am I the only one who wishes Veronica married a guy from Real World/Road Rules and had a baby with him?


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