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Victoria Secret Models | Teenage Boys Rejoice (Funny)

Updated on November 22, 2010

Victoria Secret Models Rock

Ok this article is not really meant to be serious but rather tongue in cheek. It is about Victoria Secret Models as the title suggests but let me just say this. It is a FUN article. It is meant to be funny and not serious so please chill out with the negativity. Thanks

Ok Having said my piece; let me talk about the topic at hand - Victoria Secret Models. Now a lot of the press has been lamenting about corporate ethics and social responsibility and the like over the past few years. What with all the problems and one crisis after another being perpetuated by Corporations around the world, it is time to highlight one company - Victoria Secret - that has done so much for the young male psychological and physical health over so many years.

But not only that, I will RISK IT and say that they have also done a lot for older male happiness - more so than many other companies around the world. I admire Victoria Secret and the Victoria Secret Models because as a man in his late twenties, I can seriously say that I have grown up with this great company and its impactful catalogues.

Remember the Catalogues?

My first encounter with Victoria Secret Models came with the old timey catalogues. I remember Adriana Lima with the big angel wings, the eyes, the hair, the hips.....sigh. When I was in my early twenties, Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum were by perfect women. I had massive crushes on them and I would steal my mom's Victoria Secret Catalogues all the time. These women were goddesses and made super models household names. And of course, promoted the physical health of many young guys *cough cough*

But as I have grown and started many very healthy relationships with wonderful young women, I have been thankful to Victoria Secret and their models for other reasons. Every man who has had a wife or girlfriend come home with that little bag knows what I am talking about. You feel like Rover does when you bring home his dog food from Costco. There is slight electricity in the air, winks might be exchanged and that little pink bag will be places at your eye line. If you are watching TV and your wife or girlfriend wants your attention, all she has to do is place that little bag in front of you on the coffee table and your eyes will wander right to it. :D

And we are thankful! We appreciate this beautiful and ethical company for looking out for us men. We also appreciate those gorgeous Victoria Secret models for taking care of us when we were younger and continuing to take care of us (through our girlfriends) even today. Rejoice! :D

Victoria Secret Models - Social Do Gooders

Ahh yes! When the Victoria Secret models strap on those wings, they are not just playing make believe. I content, that they are actually angels in disguise smiling in benevolence at all mankind. Now I know that a lot of women might say that they promote an unhealthy body image in women. I say that is all a bunch of stale potatoes (yeah i made that up).

Victoria Secret models are curvy and they have hips!!! I have never seen a skinny VC model in my life. So yeah, they are gorgeous! We wouldn't have it any other way! But ladies, they provide a valuable service to you as well. No man will EVER complain that his wife spends too much money on Victoria Secret Stuff. So go on, use that to your advantage! When life gives you lemons, buy a truckload!


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