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Video Girls: How You Become a Vixen!

Updated on February 3, 2013

Become a Video Vixen

So you want to be a video girl? Well if you are planning on staying in your city you could do model work for the local clubs, local artists in your area, or become a go-go girl. This is all fine in the beginning because you want to have some work on your resume. The key is to be very friendly and socialize with men, and I know we can be dogs! But trust me, you will have to be the one that demands respect and still be accessible.

Another alternative is to go to the big cities like Miami, Atlanta, New York, or L.A. You will have to make connections with other models. Hang out at the parties where the rappers, video producers, and who ever else you can find of importance and work yourself in. While you are doing this I would still follow the guidelines at the top, so when you do meet people they will take you serious.

The Network

With the Internet and Reality TV it is more prevalent to use seductiveness to get these jobs these days. Social networking is a great tool to get peoples attention, you would definitely want to have pages on sites like Model Mayhem and PhloBuzz. These sites have people regularly looking for models and you can build your resume fairly quick if you have the right look. I’ve seen a lot of women tweeting provocative tweets to get followers attention and create a buzz. You also would want to become cool with different musicians in your area and via social networking just to let them know you are available. Plenty of Artist are doing videos that don’t get shown mainstream. Also, YouTube is a great way to show off your dancing and acting skills. I know of a group called the Twirk Girls who have been making a name from shaking their “moneymaker” for the camera on youtube.

Your Body

You do not necessarily have to have a “phatty” or big breast to be a video vixen. What you do need to do is figure out what your strong features are and focus in on them. Like if you have sexy lips use that to your advantage in your shots. With that said you do want to stay in shape though, although skinny doesn’t matter, fat does. Sorry it’s just the nature of the business. Luckily nowadays you don’t have to be a toothpick because thick is “in” if you are proportioned.

On another note, if you are not born with enhanced features no problem. All one has to do now is go and get some extreme plastic surgery and enlarge their assets. The bigger your assets the more fame is sure to come your way. Plastic surgeons once had a conscience but now it is all about the money. If you have access to cash, you can get just about any surgery your heart imagines. If you can't find a surgeon to do it in the United States, well there's always another country where you can probably get the procedure at a discount.


If you are lucky enough to land a spot on a major video or venue you want to keep a level head. Always be looking for the next opportunity and keep a good name. There are millions of girls who will want to be in your shoes and they will do anything to get it. Try your best to stay in the media, remember, there is no such thing as bad media. Try not to have your name ran through the mud by to many of the celebrities this can come back to haunt you. Most importantly, remember to invest the money you do make, these type of gigs do not last forever, but you can have a hell of a run!


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    • profile image

      Sakiema 2 years ago

      If there are any professional dancers or video vixen wouldyou kindly take a ambitious student like me under your wing follw me on instagram @SlimThickMocha

    • profile image

      KiKi Green 2 years ago

      My body and looks speaks for its self . I am a very humble young lady that will be greatful for this blessing. Follow me @coco_1green

    • profile image

      shanice 2 years ago

      I've always wanted to become a video vixen! I have experience with all types of dance and i have a great body and smile. Follow me on insta @mcbooty18

    • profile image

      Raya 2 years ago

      Follow me on Instagram @rayaa_roshay & add me on snapchat @ruby_roshay

    • profile image

      shina. 2 years ago

      I been interested in becoming a video vixen for a while qorkin on a profolio as od now n hope to expand later one with greater opportunity....please email me at

      and yes i am considered thick and pretty dark skinned girl .19 years old

    • profile image

      Brittany S 2 years ago

      I have a pretty nice shape and a beautiful face. Im interested in becoming a video girl but I'm not sure what I should do or how to go about it. Please email if you could give me more information at

    • profile image

      Rictoria Miller 3 years ago

      Im looking into becoming a video vixen girl. If u kn the steps in becoming one please send info at

    • profile image

      Desiree 3 years ago

      Hi my name is desiree I am interested in being a video vixen my email my bf is my manager

    • profile image

      Caroline 3 years ago

      My name is Caroline. Im a 21 year old Polynesian & black beauty!! I have the face and drive to become a top notched video vixen.... getting my body right will be nothing...I'm hungry for this, NO ONE CAN STAND IN MY WAY!!!

    • profile image

      Leilani H. 3 years ago

      Her email is

    • profile image

      miss35 3 years ago

      I think you should try going on fb. You will be surprised of how many talented, beauties not just on the outside, but inside as well. Remember not everyone that's on fb is messy. Try this person with a first name initial L. And her last name is Hardwick.

    • profile image

      keara 3 years ago

      I have what it takes :)

    • profile image

      Jaz 3 years ago

      I'm Jaz and I am sexy Nigerian...I want to be the most sought after video vixen/socialite in my country.

    • profile image

      cali 4 years ago

      My name is Cali im 19 & i know i can be a video vixen not jus like the rest but BETTER . Everyone already think im a model . Trust me im the one !

    • profile image

      tynishia 4 years ago

      hey my name is tynishia in im very interested into thevideo vixon talent I thing I would like to know the ropes to know how to be a vixon girl

    • profile image

      kawana Wright 4 years ago

      I know I Hve all the Sexy in the Bag...wink

    • profile image

      Francesca 4 years ago

      I got a pretty face & a hot body. I can be a video vixen I just don't know how?!

    • profile image

      Shatariah 4 years ago

      i have my on walk. when i walk in a room i command ones attention. my body is ok. but its more than that. i possess everything that a bad chick is and i could be an amazing video vixen

    • profile image

      Hazel_Martinez 5 years ago

      have a great body so i hear n i love it im not that shy but ill get use to it ill b more open !!

    • profile image

      KiKi Amour 5 years ago

      I have what it takes!!! #enoughsaid

    • profile image

      Karizma 5 years ago

      Heyy My Name Is Karizma Im 19 Years Old In I No i have what its takes To Be A VideoGirl

    • profile image

      raven 5 years ago

      my name is raven and im 18 and have a great body and a perfect face and want to become a video vixen but don't no how ?

    • profile image

      Tiffany 5 years ago

      Knowing Myself I now I would be a perfect fit for any video. Dealing with the ups and downs that would be a challenge for me, competitive in all categories I am.! Thanks for the knowledge of becoming a video vixen I will apply every standard before beginning.