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Video Rewind: Absolute Zero

Updated on November 6, 2014
Your heating bill is about to go up
Your heating bill is about to go up

Baby, It's (going to get) Cold Outside

I try to be topical when I write reviews and while the country's preparing for another major blast of winter Absolute Zero is a so-so disaster movie.

Don't get me wrong I've always loved disaster movies but this one is yet another one which takes on global warming with the usual political twist. The script is weak and there could have been some changes to it prior to filming.

Jeff Fahey stars as David Koch, a climatologist, who has evidence of a shift in the earth's polarity, but his boss Dr. Veet (Bill Dow) is looking out for himself. As punishment, Veet sends David to Antartica where a group of scientists are very concerned about the melting of the glaciers. They have evidence which may back up David's concern but in true disaster movies, Veet tries to cover it up.

When Koch returns home to Miami, he tries to convince Veet an absolute zero (-459.67) is on the way and instead of the projected years it's now a matter of hours.

He enlists the help of his former friend Jeff (Michael Ryan) and two of his students (Britt Irvin and Fred Ewanuick) to help and that's when they learn of the impending disaster. Bring in Jeff's wife and David's former flame Erika Eleniak (Bryn) and things get a little more harrier.

With the race for survival on the only way to possibly survive is to hole up in a special chamber at INTER SCI. Getting there is a challenge as Miami begins to plunge into absolute zero.

Actually, this movie has a lot going for it, but the race against time and the obvious villain in Veet makes it the same old tiring story as the new Ice Age takes place in a day and everything from the 33rd Parallel (south) become the new tropics.

What makes the movie completely unbearable is we're subjected to every move the characters make slowing down the pace. No matter how boring the movie becomes it still could have been a lot better with some tweeking here and there.

For me, this was kind of a television version of the successful The Day After Tomorrow but without all of the pre-disaster scenes.


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