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Video Rewind: Campy Christmas

Updated on November 7, 2014
Is it true what they say about those Martians?
Is it true what they say about those Martians?

All I Want for Christmas

I really need a dose of Christmas and I need it now.

Of course there are a lot of Christmas movies out there and choosing one to watch can be mind numbing so this week throw whatever ideas you have out the window and check these titles out.

Jack Frost (1996) shouldn't be confused with the 1998 family version. This little comedy/horror film is about a murderous snowman (Scott MacDonald) who goes on a little killing spree in a small town.

On his way to be executed there's an accident with a chemical truck and the murderer's molecules mix with the snow and chemicals giving us the world's first murderous snowman. The movie isn't scary and is probably one of the best campy movies ever filmed.

It may seem like a stupid idea but once you get into it you really can't help but like this little horror film. When you're feeling the need for a Christmas movie in the middle of a sweltering summer, this is one to take from your shelf since you can watch it over and over again and keep laughing the entire time (and yes there was a sequel made in 2000). Sometimes the direct to video movies can be overlooked.

Then there's the awful but funny Santa Claus Conquers the Martians which marked the debut of Pia Zadora (as quite a busty eight year old).

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is the story of two Martian children (Girmar and Bomar) who watch television shows from Earth and wonder about Santa Claus. Their father takes a couple of Martians and they head to Earth to find Santa Claus.

They kidnap Billy and Betty who lead them to the North Pole and the Martians then kidnap Santa and take the three back to Mars where the three start working in a toy factory along with Girmar and Bomar.

Everything about this movie is laughable and when you're feeling blue this should pick you up right away. There's very bad acting and special effects so if you don't pee your pants then there's something wrong with your sense of humor.

Instead of a hot humid Christmas I'm dreaming of a campy Christmas this weekend!

Christopher Allport getting the job done in Jack Frost (1996)
Christopher Allport getting the job done in Jack Frost (1996)


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