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Video Rewind: Don't be Tricked by these "Treats"

Updated on November 7, 2014
Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) crashes the Halloween dance while Leslie and Eddie ( Lisa Orgolini and Marc Price) try to escape the carnage
Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) crashes the Halloween dance while Leslie and Eddie ( Lisa Orgolini and Marc Price) try to escape the carnage

This Halloween, Eddie Weinbauer (Marc Price) has a lot on his mind. His idol, Sammi Curr, has been killed in a hotel fire and local disc jockey Nuke (Gene Simmons) has something Eddie wants.

But Eddie also has a crush on popular girl Leslie (Lisa Orgolini) and the only thing she wants is to just be friends with the "high school loser."

Thus sets up the plot of Trick or Treat a pretty original horror flick which takes place in the world of heavy metal rock. Sadly the movie didn't fare well at the box office but has become a cult hit.

When Eddie learns of his rock icon's sudden and tragic death, he goes into a deep depression where he's starting to get messages from him. Eddie looks up to Sammi (Tony Fields) as a hero because he too was a loser at the same high school. He believes no one understands him or Sammi.

After talking with Nuke, Nuke tells Eddie that he has the final album of Sammi's and is going to play it at midnight on his radio show. In a trusting move he lends the album to Eddie and soon he begins to fall under Sammi's spell by playing the record backwards.

Eddie is soon the brunt of a couple of practical jokes (witnessed by Leslie) and once Sammi is "released" from the dead through the album, he soon starts his murderous revenge. Whatever Eddie wants Sammi's there to carry out the evil deed.

Ozzy Osbourne also appears in a cameo as Rev. Aaron Gilstrom, a Bible thumping minister who sets out to stop the heavy metal music.

Once Eddie tells Leslie what's going on she helps him track down the evil Curr while she herself is trying to stay alive.

This movie shouldn't be confused with Trick or Treats which came out in 1982. This film came out four years later.

While Trick or Treat provides a lot of treats, this early "horror" isn't something you'd want to waste your time or money on. It's highly unlikely that the direct to video horror film is still in your local video store, but for a quick laugh and bad acting you might get lucky.

Trick or Treats is nothing but a Halloween wannabe, minus a serial killer and multiple killings.

Five years have gone by since Malcolm (Peter Jason) was committed to a mental hospital by his wife Joan (Carrie Snodgrass) so she could have her boyfriend Richard (David Carradine) move into the house.

It's Halloween night and Malcolm has devised a plan to escape from the hospital and go home to get even with Joan. What he doesn't know is Joan and Richard are on their way to Las Vegas for a party and struggling actress Linda (Jackie Giroux) is babysitting 10-year-old Christopher (Chris Graver).

Malcolm knocks out a nurse, dresses in her uniform (and what an ugly woman he makes!) and manages to "fool people" on his way back to the house.

Meanwhile, poor Linda has her hands full trying to tame the precocious child while he delights in pulling practical jokes on her. You really hope Malcolm will hurry up and get to the house so that he can kill off the kid.

Linda calls her friend Andrea (Jillian Kesner) who's a film editor, telling her she needs a reel of her work for a producer. Andrea's busy editing a horror movie starring Linda (which gives her the creeps) so she says she'll drop it off at the house she's babysitting at.

Unhappy with babysitting the brat, Linda fields phone calls from her boyfriend (who just so happens to be performing in a play and finds time to call her whenever he's not on stage) and Malcolm. Of course the police can't help her since nothing has happened yet.

After passing out candy periodically (to break up the "tension") Chiristopher disappears and while she's in a shed looking for him, Andrea shows up and meets her fate with Malcolm.

Well, in a nutshell what happens next is just a chase/jiggle scene in a slinky nightgown and we never see it, but she gets whacked and it's (luckily) the end of the movie.

My pick would be Trick or Treat as its smart, clever and not your typical 80's slasher flick.

Carrie Snodgrass and David Carradine are up to their own tricks in 1982's Trick or Treats
Carrie Snodgrass and David Carradine are up to their own tricks in 1982's Trick or Treats


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