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Video Rewind: Drive-In's

Updated on November 6, 2014
Stockard Channing and Larry Wilcox in The Girl Most Likely to....
Stockard Channing and Larry Wilcox in The Girl Most Likely to....

Remember the Drive-In on a Warm Summer Night?

Last year around this time they took away a part of my childhood. They tore down what was literally my "second home" and that was our towns movie theater.

What makes it sad is today's "kids" won't have those independent movie theaters (ours was pretty "big" for a long time- it housed two theaters) nor do I think they know what a drive-in was.

Anyone who can remember the drive-in (and putting on your pajamas before the first film started) this column is dedicated to you. (The drive-in's I remember were demolished sometime in the late '80's or early '90's).

Poor Stockard Channing really gets it when she goes to the drive-in in both The Girl Most Likely to... and Grease.

First up is the 1973 movie of the week, The Girl Most Likely to... in which she plays Miriam Knight, a not so attractive girl who keeps getting dumped on by her college classmates. When Moose Meyers (Larry Wilcox) needs extra help in English, she suggests they go see Romeo and Juliet at the drive-in for a crash course in the story.

Moose isn't too happy about being seen in public with Miriam so he tries to disguise himself as best as he can but can't concentrate on the movie with all of the action going on around him. He ends up making a play at Miriam and overjoyed she does whatever she can to please him. Well almost.

His idea of her pleasuring him is to go to the snack bar and while she's gone he takes off with his friends and upon her return finds he's left her stranded in the empty parking space just as a rainstorm starts.

If you think that's bad, in Grease she makes the mistake of telling fellow Pink Lady Marty Maraschino (Dinah Manoff) that she thinks she's pregnant. Marty crosses her heart and vows to take this information with her "to the grave" but makes the announcement while the two are leaving the bathroom.

During the short walk from the bathroom to the Pink mobile word gets out and just as she walks up to the car on-again-off-again boyfriend Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) does the right thing and steps up to plate.

Also at the drive-in are Danny and Sandy (John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John) who try to salvage their relationship. Even though things don't work out, Danny goes down to the playground to sing the obvious "Alone at the Drive-In Movie" during intermission. Be sure to check out the classic concession stand advertisement as he sings. That alone will bring back memories of the drive-in.

But you wouldn't want to be Alexandra Paul and go to the drive-in with Keith Gordon and his love interest Christine.

While he's outside adjusting his windshield blade during a rainstorm, Christine tries her best to kill Paul by having her choke on a sandwich. The evil car makes it hard for her to get out of the car and for others to get in.

Instead of director John Carpenter keeping the car dark during the scene he does a great job of illuminating the interior of the car showing us the forcefulness of Christine's power.

But one of the rarest movies out there is the spoof Drive-In about a bunch of people who spend their Friday night at the drive-in for the premiere of Disaster '76 a movie within a movie premise.

There really aren't any big names in this movie but it's one of those movies which work since it takes the characters from the day into the night along with their shenanigans.

It seems like everyone in town's at the drive-in for the opening night movie and besides the action going on the screen there's also a lot of action going on at the drive-in. With a lot of subplots and overlapping of characters it's not the best movie out there, but it would have been kind of cool to see more of Disaster '76. That's really where the spoof is when it comes to disaster movies.

If you're lucky to still have a drive-in nearby why not go catch a movie and remember how much fun it used to be at the Drive-In.

Alexandra Paul goes to the drive-in in Christine
Alexandra Paul goes to the drive-in in Christine


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