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Video Rewind: Father's Day

Updated on November 6, 2014
Tatum and Ryan O'Neal traveling the Kansas back roads in Paper Moon
Tatum and Ryan O'Neal traveling the Kansas back roads in Paper Moon

I've always been fortunate enough NOT to work with any members of my family and with this originally being a Father's Day column I thought it would fun to share with you famous father-daughter movies.

Besides the Fonda team (Henry and Jane) the most popular has to be Ryan and Tatum O'Neal when they starred in the classic Paper Moon in 1973 (then reunite in Nickelodeon a couple of years later).

Paper Moon is about a con man who preys on widows selling them Bibles which their deceased husbands "purchased" but had a remaining balance on. His scam takes him through the Midwest during the Depression.

After catching onto his scheme, little Addie begins to help him out with the goal of getting the $200 he owes her. Soon she seems to be calling the shots and after awhile the little imp starts to grow on Moses.

Even though Moses Pray won't admit to being Addie's possible father, it wasn't too hard to cast Mary Stuart Masterson as Peter Masterson's daughter in the original The Stepford Wives.

Marterson plays Kim and isn't in the movie a whole lot but, it was her film debut and the part in the creepy thriller would open up some doors for her.

Most people reading this have probably witnessed the awful remake of this classic horror of a town in which the women are perfect and would rather spend their time pleasing their husbands (and kids too) which is one of the ultimate male fantasies. The original (1975) is the better of the two.

It's the bittersweet On Golden Pond which unites the Fondas as a troubled father and daughter duo. The elder Fonda is distant from his daughter's feelings and the younger Fonda has spent her entire life trying to please him.

When the Thayer's (Henry and Katherine Hepburn) travel to their summer cottage for the season, their daughter Chelsea arrives with her boyfriend for Norman's birthday and his son (Dabney Coleman and Doug McKeon). They leave the boy there while they travel to Europe for a couple of weeks.

At first Billy doesn't like being with the old couple but gradually he becomes the son Norman never had, and after Chelsea finds out becomes even more irritable with Norman.

After being estranged from her parents for years she feels that she needs to be at this birthday and finally after coming back from Europe she has gathered the strength to confront Norman and her childhood.

If you're a daughter and can't think of what to get your father for "his special day" why not spend some quality time together and bond with the first man in your life.


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