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Video Rewind: Ghoul School

Updated on November 6, 2014
The swim team becomes murderers in Ghoul School
The swim team becomes murderers in Ghoul School

Coming soon, I have interviews with scream queens Debbie Rochon and Brinke Stevens, so when I came across the Ghoul School 4 Pack, I was excited since I'd only seen both actresses in a couple of movies and this movie pack at least gave me some more material to write about.

Starting with 1990's Ghoul School this seems to be a remake of 1986's Class of Nuke'Em High only this time instead of contaminated drugs and being next to a nuclear plant, two bumbling thugs go to the school in search of hidden treasure.

They unwittingly release chemicals into the water causing everyone who comes into contact with it to become flesh eating ghouls. Since the action takes place after school there's a handful of students inside and the swim team's after a heavy metal band and a couple of students.

The only notable names to this boring flick are former Howard Stern sidekick Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling and New York talk show host Joe Franklin.

Two of the other films included in this pack are Filthy McNasty and Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! with appearances by Rochon in both of these direct to video releases.

Rochon stars as Julie along with Miss Kitty as Liz, a couple of college geeks who crave adventure. One night their wishes come true when they're visited by Phil the Demon (Tim Ekkebus doing double also as Julian) and are transformed into the sexiest girls on campus.

Their lives are changed and they end up going to a party where the guests are slaughtered one at a time. After all it's the price they have to pay for having their wish granted. And yes, there are two Filthy McNasty's following this one.

Also from the same production team of the above Mulva:Zombie Ass Kicker! is a little better and stars Missy Donatuti as Mulva, a buffoonish candy addict who after years of not trick or treating decides to go out along with her friend Cassie (Callie the Hutt).

Mulva and Cassie along with their misfit friends, are forced to fight for their Halloween candy against a horde of zombies who come out Halloween night. Rochon can be seen here in a cameo as Lady McPouchsweat, along with Lloyd Kauffman as the Mayor of Tromaville.

And yes there is a sequel which is not available, but stars Rochon as Mulva.

But if you want to take a behind the scenes look at the making of a low budget horror movie, then Stevens has it all for you in Shock Cinema a documentary featuring many of the producers, sfx artists and actors of the genre.

Stevens interviews these people and there are four volumes, but we're only treated to the first two in this pack. I'm not sure where the third and fourth volumes are but the first two are interesting when it comes to learning how and why these movies are made.

If you decide to spend the money on this four pack you may want to start with the latter and then decide if the others are worth watching.

Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!
Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!


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