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Video Rewind: Going to the Chapel

Updated on November 7, 2014
Can Paula (Goldie Hawn) and Richard (Burt Reynolds) survive even a week of marriage?
Can Paula (Goldie Hawn) and Richard (Burt Reynolds) survive even a week of marriage?

Luckily for me I'll never have to worry about wearing something old or blue since I vowed never to get married. And when it comes to throwing a good wedding, Hollywood can put on a good one and you're invited.

Just how many Hollywood weddings have you attended through the magic of film? Quite a few probably.

In Best Friends Goldie Hawn keeps putting off marrying longtime lover Burt Reynolds. She feels that once you get married you're setting yourself up for death and tries to avoid the ceremony whenever she can. However, she has a change of heart one day and agrees to marry him before they begin their cross country trek to visit both sets of parents.

Hawn doesn't want anyone to know the two are going to get married so they stop off on the way to the train station to exchange their vows. And if that wasn't enough she doesn't want to wear her wedding ring for fear of "coming out" so to speak as a married woman.

The elopement scene is one of the funniest scenes in the movie as the couple are wed by Richard Libertini who plays a Mexican justice of the peace. They have a hard time understanding him and vice versa.

But as the movie progresses Hawn's philosophy of death lives up to its name as the relationship begins a slow death. So can the two of them survive the marriage and still remain friends?

And speaking of friends, it's Julia Roberts who tries to stop her best friend's wedding in the aptly named My Best Friend's Wedding after she realizes she's in love with Dermot Mulroney.

This isn't one of my favorite movies and it really isn't funny at all. To me, it's just an obsessive attraction with "I Do" thrown in to make it a "romantic" comedy. Roberts' Julianne Potter does nothing but figure out ways to stop the marriage of Michael and Kimberly (Cameron Diaz).

And really, if you are in love with your best friend, wouldn't you try and express your feelings in advance rather than wait until the day of the wedding?

I think Kevin Kline as Howard Brackett in In & Out should have watched this movie before he decided to propose to Joan Cusack. Unfortunately at the last minute he discovers he's gay right before Joan makes the trip down the aisle before their eternal "I Do's."

The only thing about In & Out which is funny is poor Joan rambling the countryside in her wedding dress.

But for the true romantic (and it helps if you come from a wealthy family) why not have your reception at home as Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams) does in the remake of Father of the Bride.

After studying abroad Annie comes home and announces to her parents (Steve Martin and Diane Keaton) that she's engaged. It's a touching moment when Martin doesn't see his daughter as an adult but still the little girl she is.

And since they are upper middle class, they have the advantage of hiring a wedding planner (Martin Short) and with a light snowfall on the day of the wedding, it goes off without a hitch for everyone involved except for poor Steve who can't enjoy the reception with the extra duties he's encountered with.

Father of the Bride is one of those movies which is fun to watch and I wouldn't mind having the Banks' house to boot, but I would steer clear of the sequel. It was just another way to capitalize on the success of the first movie.

It doesn't matter when your wedding is but if you just want to get caught in the moment of a wedding, these are some suggestions to get you started on your quest for romance.

Joan Cusack shares peanuts and a drink with Tom Selleck in In & Out
Joan Cusack shares peanuts and a drink with Tom Selleck in In & Out


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