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Video Rewind: HellBent

Updated on November 7, 2014
Who's the mysterious stranger killing Halloween revelers in WeHo?
Who's the mysterious stranger killing Halloween revelers in WeHo?

It's the night before Halloween in WeHo (West Hollywood) and Jorge and Mikey are alone in a cruising park when they decide to have a little "fun" in the car. Just as things are heating up, Mikey finds a more comfortable position by hanging a quarter of his body outside the passenger side window only to meet up with a sickle.

Thus begins HellBent a slasher/horror film aimed at a gay audience. The movie didn't do too well at the box office and rumor has it this was supposed to be a sequel to the Halloween franchise. (Late producer Joseph Wolf was an executive producer and had executive produced Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch.)

HellBent takes all of the elements of previous thrillers and loads them into this 85 minute scare fest.

Everyone in WeHo is getting ready for the annual carnival and friends/roommates Eddie (Dylan Fergus); Joey (Hank Harris); Chaz (Andrew Levitas) and Tobey (Matt Phillips) are all in the Halloween spirit. Eddie, an assistant at the police department, learns of the murders from his sister who's a cop.

He's asked by the Captain to distribute fliers throughout the community and asks if it would be alright to wear his deceased father's uniform. Since Eddie can't be a real cop (due to poor sight) the Captain says it'll be alright and after all it is Halloween.

While posting and passing out the fliers, we first meet Chaz who's in the middle of a three way with a straight couple in a parked van on the street and then we're introduced to waiter Joey who's hoping to connect with his crush later in the night. It's Tobey's drag entrance, which makes everyone in the diner stop and take a look (and how anyone could stay on those 24 inch heels without killing themselves is a miracle).

The boys take a side trip to the park and Eddie tells the three of them about the murders which occurred 18 hours earlier. He tells them that both victims were decapitated and their heads still hadn't been found.

Since they're within walking distance of the carnival they each find a tree to relieve themselves before joining in on the fun and in the eerie darkness of the fog and park they notice someone dressed as the devil carrying a sickle.

They start taunting the stranger (a big mistake in a horror flick and on Halloween?) and while the four join the festivities they keep running into the mysterious stranger. Soon the body count begins and leaving the prospect for a sequel.

Unfortunately the film lags in spots especially before the first of the four are killed. The nightclub scene is way to long leaving you wondering when something's going to happen. And of course the four split up only to run into each other again at various parts of the movie.

We're never really shown the killer or told why he's doing these grisly killings. I will give you a clue~ everyone does lose their head at times.

The climax is set up perfectly and the tension is revived which would have been good if it had been kept at that pace throughout the movie.

HellBent is neither bad nor good. It's somewhere in between and while we don't know who was dressing up as the devil it could be anyone's guess.

Eddie (Dylan Fergus) should know better about who to invite back to his place
Eddie (Dylan Fergus) should know better about who to invite back to his place


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