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Video Rewind: Here's to a Killer New Year

Updated on December 30, 2020
The Terror Train is rolling into the station to whisk you to your death
The Terror Train is rolling into the station to whisk you to your death

It's that time of year again to sing a drunken rendition of Auld Lang Syne and with the rollercluster know as 2020, I think people want to kill it before midnight.

But while you're waiting for the clock to strike twelve, what are you planning to do? Parties are out, as are celebrating at the club. So, if you're staying home here are two movies that should help you get rid of the year known as 2020.

Terror Train

For some, college is supposed to be the time of your life, but three years prior to these foolish kids getting onto a train, many of them were involved in a prank that went wrong.

Alana (Jamie Lee Curtis) was coaxed into meeting Kenny (Derek MacKinnon) at the frat house where he would lose his virginity. After getting freaked out, thanks to his medical student friends, Kenny has a meltdown which ultimately haunts Alana.

Flash-forward and now Doc's (Hart Bochner) annual New Year's Eve party is hitting the rails for an all night costume party on a train.

Not only will there be plenty of drinking, but Doc's hired a magician (David Copperfield) who will totally thrill and amaze the kids.

However, things don't go according to plan and people start getting killed off one by one starting with Ed (Howard Busgang). He's killed on the platform and the killer manages to take his costume so that he can blend in with the other revellers.

Of course it's not a JLC horror movie until she starts finding the bodies.

In the bathroom, she finds Jackson (Anthony Sherwood) and after she reports her findings, the bathroom is as clean as a whistle. She's also stunned when she sees "him" in his costume.

Being silly kids, they brush everything off and although Alana and Doc are having problems in their relationship, Doc does manage to get jealous when he notices the magician coming onto her.

When they do discover that there is a killer onboard, they stop the train, search it and when they can't find the killer head back onto the train but Alana isn't out of the woods yet.

With the killer wearing the costumes, who really is behind the murders?

New Year's Evil

Do you remember New Year's Eve 1999 when Peter Jennings hosted the ringing in of 2000 from across the world?

Of course this movie came out twenty years earlier, but the celebrating is the same.

Diane "Blaze" Sullivan (Roz Kelly) is a famous disc jockey in Los Angeles and is hosting a national celebration. Presumably it's for the west coast only.

As the celebrating begins, it's a little after eight in Los Angeles when the party begins. Blaze gets a call from someone identifying himself as Evil. He tells her that he will kill someone at the top of the hour as the clock strikes midnight in the different time zones.

The first murder is right on time at a sanatorium and he calls back after making a recording of the murder and we know the killer is Diane's husband, Richard (Kip Niven).

As he's starting to run out of time for his next kill, he stops off at a bar and picks up Sally (Louisa Moritz) by telling her that he's on his way to a party and asks if she'd like to go with him. She agrees and when she meets him outside, she has her roommate (Anita Crane) with her.

After a double kill, he calls Blaze again and tells her where the bodies are and he sets off to get his next victim, but on his way has a minor fender bender with a motorcycle gang. He manages to get away and hides out at the drive-in.

This movie was ahead of its time because he carjacks a not so innocent couple and kidnaps the girl (Teri Copley).

Back at the hotel where the show is broadcasting, their son, Derek (Grant Cramer) is having issues with Blaze and has been trying to get in touch with Richard, since everyone thinks he's in Palm Springs for the holiday.

Richard's killing spree is interrupted and now he has to make it to Diane before midnight so that he can kill her and begin his own life, as he puts it.

So if you want to imagine "killing" 2020, let the horror mongers do it for you.

Blaze (Roz Kelly) gets a call from the killer only known as Evil
Blaze (Roz Kelly) gets a call from the killer only known as Evil


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