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Video Rewind: I (Scream) I (scream)

Updated on November 7, 2014
If Jim Carey serves you ice cream, run
If Jim Carey serves you ice cream, run

They only come out in the summer, and if it's extremely hot out they really come out in force.

It's the dreaded ice cream truck and whenever I hear "Turkey in the Straw" I cringe.

Of course when I hear the music approaching from far down the street or on the next block I immediately begin to think of a couple of movies which make fun of the truck (and maybe even the driver).

In After Hours Catherine O'Hara finds her truck and occupation to be rather sexy as she tries to pick up Paul (Griffin Dunne). All he wants to do is use her phone and while he tries to make a call she playfully, yet flirtatiously, makes him forget the number.

She takes great pride in driving her truck and who would have thought later in the film it would become the center of focus for the vigilantes. While she's driving the truck (in the middle of the night) it does indeed play music. Of course this helps Paul while he's fleeing the angry mob since he can hear them before actually seeing them.

While Gail finds being a mobile ice cream counter on wheels appealing, it's Mark Kendall's (Jim Carrey) mode of transportation in Once Bitten as he and his friends (Thomas Ballatore and Skip Lackey) head off to Hollywood to pick up girls. Mark's the only one who gets lucky (thanks to a raid at the club) and winds up going home with Lauren Hutton.

When it's time for him to head home a few hours later she has her butler (Cleavon Little) bring the truck around for Mark and being the keen guy Mark is, he even gives them a free popsicle which the two toss over their shoulders.

If it weren't for the Terenzi brothers (Michael Siegel and Peter Licassi) from Killer Klowns from Outer Space chances are we could have all become cotton candy.

The Terenzi's first start their night by taking their dates to "the top of the world" where they get the idea to sell ice cream to those making out. They're quickly run out of the popular make out area and their dates want to make sure they can still eat all the ice cream they want for free.

Seeing that their dates aren't going good, the girls want the brothers to take them home and later they pick up their friend Mike Tobacco (Grant Cramer) who tries to convince them of the killer klowns. They race through the city streets hoping to find Mike's girlfriend (Suzanne Snyder) before the klowns get her.

Who would have thought an ice cream truck could go so fast? I didn't but I guess it depends on the driver and I'm glad the trucks won't be back for awhile. For anyone living in a warm climate, I'm sorry.


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