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Video Rewind Interview: Corin Nemec takes a Stand

Updated on November 7, 2014
The end of the world is closer than you think
The end of the world is closer than you think

Whenever you've read a book or saw a movie about mass destruction or an illness, have you ever thought to yourself, "What would I do in that situation?"

A few years ago at the Motor City Comic Convention, I had the chance to talk to Corin Nemec (Harold Lauder from The Stand) and wondered what it was like to be in a project as big as the mini series and what his thoughts were while filming.

The Stand is Stephen King's bestseller about good and evil following the release of a deadly man made virus.

Nemec became involved with the project after he auditioned for director Mick Garris' film Sleepwalkers in 1992 (another King project). While he wasn't cast in that film, Garris had to convince King that he was perfect for this role after unsuccessfully auditioning other actors.

"I thought I was totally wrong for it character type wise, " Nemec says, "but delivered a performance that Stephen King believed in and was given the job."

During the eight month shoot, Nemec worked about six and a half months on the project which was released in 1994. It takes seven days in the movie for most of the population in North America to be wiped out.

Does he think it could ever happen in the real world?

"Of course anything is possible especially nowadays. There's plenty of biological weapons out there on multiple continents under the various jurisdictions of various governments of the world including our own. But there are plenty of biological weapon programs out there that are far more frightening than anything organic coming out of nature, I can guarantee you of that."

Even though he thought he was wrong for the part of Harold, you have to look at the transformation of the character from pimply faced teen to someone who follows the wrong path. His transformation is in the characters looks.

"He was a kid who was completely naïve, very sexually frustrated, not strong willed and easily manipulated. Therefore, he chose a darker path because it was easier for him to get what he wanted out of it, more so than trying to do the right thing.

"I thought overall the character arc turned out quite nice and thought it was more of the most vivid arcs in the show itself."

If you have a few hours to kill on a weekend and not sure what to watch, pop in The Stand for a day of what if? The performances are top notch (and I've always thought the scene where Nemec and Laura San Giacomo are riding their motorcycles was pure comic relief. Just watch how prissy she is while driving).


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    • Eric Tuchelske 1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Tuchelske 

      3 years ago from Detroit

      This is why I started the Video Rewind and Retro Reading columns- to revist favorite (and not so favorite) books and movies!

      One of these days I'll have to re-read the book, but I'll NEVER re-read Salem's Lot. That's always been the scariest book I've ever read.

    • Phillbert profile image

      Phillip Drayer Duncan 

      3 years ago from The Ozarks

      It's been a while, I kind of want to watch it again now! More than that, I kind of want to read it again!


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