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Video Rewind Interview: Stu Charno of Friday the 13th Part 2

Updated on August 28, 2014
Paul (John Furey l) ignores a drunken Ted (Stu Charno) in Friday the 13th Part 2
Paul (John Furey l) ignores a drunken Ted (Stu Charno) in Friday the 13th Part 2

Stuart Charno is one lucky fella. He's one of the only cast members (except for the leads) to have survived Jason Voorhees.

As the comic relief in Friday the 13th Part 2, Charno's character Ted manages to escape the wrath of Jason.

While most people consider his character to be annoying many hoped his character would have gotten the axe, spear or whatever Jason's weapon of choice was at the time of the other murders. I think it was Ted's antics that kept him out of harms way.

First, if you're going to be a counselor on the infamous Crystal Lake, make sure you work with friends and once they get into town, have their truck towed while they're on the phone talking with you. This will lighten the mood and ultimately piss them off.

On the drive to camp don't let them know you the story surrounding "camp blood." Leave that up to the head counselor around the camp fire on the first night in the woods.

But if the boss is going to be the one to tell the story, wait in the woods with a mask, spear and definitely wear a loin cloth to expose your body. And when not wearing a loin cloth, be sure to wear short, short cargo shorts, striped and plaid shirts, a bandanna while walking, tennis shoes (with white socks) and a safari hat (making sure it resembles a space ship) while at the beach.

Become the chef and serve a couple of hot dogs. Make sure they're done just right and all the fixin's are on the table. Ted's suggestion is to serve a keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale during dinner. Or really anytime.

Be sure to follow the orders given to you and when you get the chance to go out for an evening of drinking be sure to go along with the other counselors. Once at the bar drink like there's no tomorrow, save the bottles and flirt with the waitress. She'll love you for the mess and the corny one liners.

Also, remain current on your bad jokes.

"At the time, Friday the 13th wasn't a big deal. Sequels at the time (1981when it was released) were uncommon in those days. I'm one of the only people who didn't get killed in any of the sequels because I stayed at the bar. I thought Ted probably went to an after hours place and had gotten drunker, came back the next morning and found all the bodies.

"While everyone else was back at camp having sex, I stayed out to drink more. Now let this be a lesson to all of us. Don't get chopped up by Jason. Go get drunk!"

Welcome to camp!
Welcome to camp!


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